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Chris is still clueless! He is currently wanted for murder and hiding out in the woods. Rob however, is very pissed that Chris killed him, and will not rest untill Chris is dead. So he continues to absorb his strength, at the expense of others lives, of course.

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That guy just did an elemental infusion? that is what they do in my scenario! nice 1 !
AND, coolgamerkid, you are wrong Baby takes over living, Rob takes over the dead, like T-virus! (from resident evil!) he is a virus, not a paracite!

Aw yeah!

I bet I know where you got Rob (I think that's his name) from when he came back from the dead!!!! You got him from Baby!!! (That guy from Dragonball Z) Baby goes in peoples bodies, too! They both have to get a scratch on someone to go inside their body! Am I right? PLEASE tell me I'm right!!!!


i fuck wit those security gaurds, wish that was my job, o well. this was pretty good. keep it up

djchrispy responds:

I was a security guard for a while. I drank beer and smoked weed and had sex with my girlfriend on the job and sometimes didnt even go to work at all!

good one

another great episode in this series... although i find that the audio was a bit poor in quality... maybe it was my speakers acting up or it was static in the animation.
oh well, either way it was a good one.

djchrispy responds:

No this was the first episode that i learned to edit sounds. All these episodes were extremely loud up untill this one when i went and turned them all down. I spent as much time animating as I did going back and using the things I was learning in my older episodes. The first one was originally a whoppig 4 GIGS when it was submitted! Its like 1200 k or something now :\


With the graphics you had, you really coulda made it better. It had no plot, so it made no sense, and it was VERY slow. I respect your graphics, but you if your going to make good graphics, but not have a plot or sound or anything else, then just dont make it unless you want to submit a scrap of flash.

djchrispy responds:

It seems to make no sense because i animated this entire series completely off the top of my head. I had so much fun making this series because i got to find out what happens next right along with my fans. It is a little confusing at times, but if you watch all the episodes its pretty much self-explanitory.

Credits & Info

4.35 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2003
5:38 PM EST