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Tyler_Legrand's Two Years

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One day, I realised that I have been animating for two years! (The first person to say "Do you have a life?" Gets a kick in the throat) So I compiled my older animations together to see it evolves before my eyes.

I don't know if I have a good reputation here or not. Pfft. I still know how much I rule. This movie shows you why. [/arrogance]

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Very good idea, good ol' garfield eh!

Sweet stuff!


sweet animation

i like your style, this was a nice introduction to characters. nice music, it fit the flash. i'll be sure to see your other flashes.

He he, you have a reputation

For sure! From "Ging Gang Goo," we can see how much you rock! Ur a great animator, AND UR ONLY 15! In another 2 year's u'll be one of the best animator's on newgrounds (maybe the best one.) This aniamtion just shows how much you have improved, the dog rocks :D He changed the most, and is the coolest of all ur characters!

this movie sucks,i dont care if you got better

i dont care how much better you have gotten just make quality stuff, not this stupid shit

Tyler-Legrand responds:

Do you think this is my only movie?

Yo Tyler

Whats up? It's Braking from SS. Nice movah! nice musak! Pretty creative, even it if it is a rip off.