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We're in Nam!

rated 2.21 / 5 stars
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Mar 29, 2003 | 6:46 PM EST

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Author Comments

Well, actually this is my first film which needs many improvments. Infact i need some peoples opinions about it. I also need motivation to do part 2.

Listen, I started this flash almost a year ago. I have nothing against vietnamese, and i am asian. I do it in good humor and this was mainly a flash i did of boredom... I'm sorry if you don't like my flash but instead of flamming, could you just tell me what i need to add/change... thanks



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad

Make some trees and buildings and more sounds.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

heres some tips for ye...

1. drop the "later" signs, they are jus plain annoying...
2.add backrounds and maybe some better grafics like the people, you know because they look like a child drew em'
3.add sound or something...
use these and i think ull be a pro in no time, gl hf.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Here we go...

Ok, you have potential. Sticky's are awesome, but I would definitely steer away from, um, windows paint. And some backgrounds would be nice. Starting out is hard, and you've been lucky so far, but you definitely have to do a lot better in front of an NG audience. This is utter crap... but like I said, you have potential. The audio sucks, and get rid of the "later" signs. The whole thing with the guy and the bandanna made no sense, but I loved the "You look fine to me, wuss". Anyways, keep working and improving, cuz it's obvious you care... which is a lot more than a lot of stuff at NG.

RanmaSaotome123 responds:

Well, I can honestly say that this review will help me, even though it was a bit... harsh? But it's good enough proof that the next work i'm Doing with "TheArmedApple" (he's made The british android") Will have time put into backround... audio.... everything will be taken into careful planning and working. For NAM i was just sorta experimenting with this Flash program. I basically did everything the hard way and so many things took longer then they were supposed to and turned out looking like someone crapped all over your computer. Anyways Reviews will still be appreciated but i know my flaws, so tell me the good points about htis flash? I wanna know what qualities people actually like. No flamming reviews either. please?


Rated 2 / 5 stars

At least ure serious bout ure work...keep at it!!!

Its okay man. Yah by newgrounds standards this is pretty crappy but i can tell ure really into this. Keep it up and try to develope ure own animation style (watch madness combat/madness redeemer to get a good example). The story line can be better too...develope it further and cut down those "later..." scenes. Keep at it, theres always a place in newgrounds for people who are serious with their flash (although i'm no flash animator).


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

It wasn't that bad

Wasn't as bad as it could have been considering this is your first Flash movie. The animation sucked and the storyline was bad, but the sound was pretty good.