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This is a short I made with me and my 96 prelude racing a 00 civic. I have nothing against civics, just a lot of people who drive them. They try to fix them up and then race you, but they've only done "work" on the exterior...very poor work at that. But don't get me wrong, there are some good civics out there, very nice ones, but I just made this for fun. It's not just civics either. So all you civic drivers out there...don't hurt me.

(no that's not jesus, that's how i really look)

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ummm, not real good...

Well, my summary up ahead summed it up. It might be saying what kind of car you like or hate, but to me, i like videos that are entertaining, not saying what you like or dislike. I hope to see better things from you.

Nice But...

It would be super sick if u were to start off at a point like a light or a stop sign rev up motors and take off leaving the stock vtec in the dust and I know you from renegade forums im Civic<>eater


That's a Prelude? I've just seen a black car and a ugly civc...


i dont really know wut that whole thing wuz about...it had crappy graphics, no point at all, and anybody who think this movie is worth watching many times...go blam yourself

Well done!

This is a good movie, like I want to see

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3.75 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2003
11:19 PM EST