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Goth girls, tities, what more could you ask for.


Ah well..

Heaps and heaps of stars taken off for the most ANNOYING smiley face in the world. Haha gothic to try and fit in.. thats pretty funny :p.
Its humour guys, relax!


Im not Gothic, so I suppose I wouldnt know, but I thought Emos were into death and such.

On top of that, why would anyone wanna be goth to fit in? That makes no sense at all. The smily faces voice was horribly annoying, thank the gods he's dead.

I guess I wasn't into the ENTIRE storyline... but overall, the art was decent, the graphics werent the worst in the world, and you're trying. So good job, Ill be waiting for your next flash!

Not bad...

The animation wasn't the worst I've seen, but that damn squeaky-voiced smiley-face... GOD, he was so annoying! Thank god he's dead.
Also, I have to agree with the guy below me. They really didn't have a Goth style... too artsy. Also, it's a damn shame that she's doing all of that just to fit in. I HATE those kinds of Goth Chicks...
I'll give it a 3.


I believe he was referring to "Gothic" in retrospect to the girls featured in the animation and the art deco that was used in some of it. Those are stereotypically what are regarded as "gothic". You find very few people that relate it to its proper lineage of the Visigoth culture. This is a wonderful example though of how people think that as soon as you put on some black and act depressed that your "Gothic" and I believe the artist was attempting to joke about how rediculous alot of these people really are and how they are completely misguided.

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whats that got to do with being gothic?

whats that got to do with being gothic?
great style and really well done - you really have talent.
but you didnt get what being gothic means - so better dont open your mouth when its about that topic.

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2.65 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2000
2:50 PM EST
Comedy - Original

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