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Matrix... A braingame

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Ok. I'm reshaping this crap. So don't vote for some time. It's gonna rock,such as snake. I'd like to delete it but you know,I can't. Just plz help me where the bugs are.



this was terrible. Maybe a better game? I'm sorry but it is terrible. Try making it more exciting like each time you click then there are two guys and on a certain number they do a special attack until one loses.

Not worth the effort.

I suggest you don't even bother trying to reshape this game. It's boring and involves no sort of skill whatsoever. And.. as others have told you... I don't really think this kind of thing belongs on Newgrounds. Perhaps you should try a site for retarded children.. they might have some fun with it, but we certainly won't.

Pretty sweet if you wanna quick game

Gave you a three, not too spesh, but not crap. Don't blam it. Pretty sweet if you just wanna chill and dual.


i hope this gets blammed !!! when it does i wish it says R.I.P but i dont want it to rest in peace i want it to rest in pee!!!!!!!!!now don't make any more of this shit!!!!!!!

Call this a game?

Do you call this a game i hope you don't do anything like this in well... a million of years go and suck your balls

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Credits & Info

2.26 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2000
3:32 AM EST
Puzzles - Other