WAR Thought Less

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Who is right and who is wrong ?
War is right and war is wrong ?
War thought Less of is thoughtless


i liked it man

it was realy good unlike most of the newgrounds stuff which is stick figures beating the liveing shit outta each other this one achualy sends a meshuge you aulso have a ausome taste in muic not any of that romantic shit it was an very good flash with a message god job keep makeing more of this shit

I love IT!!

i love it the movie the song everything

Viva the Rock adn heavy metal and everythiong else and the War

is very good theme my friend

you are very creative my friend


Loved the movie... When the camera zooms into the word forward, the word "war" in forWARd should come straight to the front. metaphorical style

too sentimental for the subject

this is a admirable effort and subject to address and make a statement on, but it seems overall to just be too sentimental and kitschy to really make a powerful or moving statement, like the writing stuff about "sorry i had to kill you my name is dave" whatever just seems too generic and trite too make an impact, but hey, i give you and 8 overall purely for your ambition to make a movie that tries not to give simple answers, i think you may be on to something....sorry, korn sucks though, and is another thing holding the piece down, it just makes me think of wwe music or something....


First of all i want to say well done, to some people or most people as it would seem this movie would appear to them as somewhat an abstract clip. But from my point of view it was actually well "directed" and made a very strong point. War is never the answer even if it did only go for as long as the war against Iraq, it still kills innocent people and solidiers whose lives should be preserved.

Also wars cost a lot of money, thus making an impact on the conditions of the country. Well lets face it Iraq's people would have been happier in their lies without a war. Also the state of area (Baghdad for example) after conflict, damaged ruins everywhere. And hospitals become a problem where people are forced to undergo surgery without anaseptic (excuse spelling).

All in all a great effort, even though im not much of a rock lover i still gave the sound 7 because I for one believe the song matched the happenings well. :)

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2.97 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2003
4:10 PM EST
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