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A Sniper's View Ep. 1939

rated 1.54 / 5 stars
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Mar 28, 2003 | 2:58 PM EST

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Author Comments

I re-submitted this, because I am stupid, and I love to waste Newgrounds' bandwidth. I hate freedom and everything it stands for; therefore, I am trying to run Newgrounds into the dirt by making muliple sumbmissions.
Please be kind and rate this high because it was obviously made by a retarded, gay monkey/sheep hybrid.
It's a good thing that you all take pity on me because I am retarded, or else someone could report me, and have my account deleted. Well, you're either nice, or you're pussies, either way works.

Semper Fi,



Rated 0 / 5 stars

Four Things

1.) Snipers NEVER...EVER....STAND IN THE OPEN.........Snipers are TRAINED for STEALTH SHOTS.

2.) You are disrespecting OUR troops by making the GERMANS have OUR UNIFORMS on......YOU IDIOT.

3.) A sniper NEVER shoots a target in THE BALLS....they are trained to shoot at VITAL ORGANS...such as HEADS and THE CHEST....a shot to THE BALLS would HURT...but the target can still SOUND AN ALARM!!

4.) SILENCERS we're not evented UNTIL AFTER WWII.




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Review of KingClock's replies

(I'm posting this here, because I've already posted a review of "The Tekken Spoof". I haven't even seen this "Sniper" thing.)

KingClock, after having read the replies you've posted to the reviews of your movie "The Tekken Spoof", it is my theory that you are a genius! The way that you burned those obviously dim reviewers by calling them faggots, then calling them faggots again, gave me goosebumps! I think that if more people were as academically elite as you, we wouldn't have to deal with so many of these dullards, who come up with inventive, original ways to insult the things they find to be repugnant, due to the horribleness of something. Thank you for such wonderful displays of intelligence and such sharp-witted intelectualism, you brilliant, brilliant man!

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NathanThomas responds:

Brevity is the soul of wit.

Oh snap!


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Third acc comes in action

Obviously you are even too stupid to count...

Since when has a lvl 14 (Masterdevil) with tons of blam/protection points a lower voting power than a lvl 9 (you asshole) without too many points...

Considerin you are also one of those authors who just answer with nothing better to do than insulting , a 0 spam-vote should be a fair punishment...

Think twice before you answer (if actually... but considering how stupid you are youll do it) on this review , it could pherhaps still save you... or not...


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NathanThomas responds:

Here's the thing: I don't care if you vote zero on all my movies every day for a month, because I've had a level nine and a level ten doing that for that long anyway, so you can't do any worse.
Second, don't just use ellipses. There are other punctuation marks, such as commas, they're really quite versatile.
Third, Datalite was simply responding to an unfounded review saying that my movie was better than the movie I had reviewed. Datalite compared and gave his results. He is not a cocksucker--just an honest reviewer, and since he is not a cocksucker, you quite clearly are.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Now that makes someone angry...

I was still pretty nice to voting your submissions ... if i would have seen what an ungratitude bastard you actually are i wouldnt have said it...

But anyways , it was your decision , and if you would have looked further than just writing your shit down , then you would have seen that i can get pretty mad to ppl who insult and abuse someone with responding on their reviews , where really everyone can see what an asshole you are...

fine , here goes...

1. Your movie never belongs a ten , go look other submissions which are at first place , they belong 'almost' a ten... (ppl vote too high/too low on submissions... like me right now , all 0's , but that because im mad...)

2. I actually do have submissions , but not on this acc , neither on Masterdevil...

and 3. For a lil punishement , like i give everyone who responds shit on one of my reviews , i'll keep voting 0 until your stupid little submission reached its zero point... ENJOY
(and be warned if you take on me again , i can vote on your other submissions aswell if you really want to risk another big mouth)

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NathanThomas responds:

Masybe you shuld suck my balls you stupid fuick. You can't vote zero on my subbmisions all the time, and your votes are stupid sht compared to my vopting poawer, so eat my cock stupid faggot.
You stupid pussy. You're a opiece of shit...... "OH I'm the review police. I like it in the butt. My name is Lavaimp. I suck dick" You are the gfayest queer ever, you queer.
Semper Fi


Rated 0 / 5 stars


How the holy hell can you blame Jungle Sniper and say yours is better in your review? Just to see if it was true I checked this out. Man. I've seen bad before, but this is horrible.

NathanThomas responds:

Jungle Snipers bad. And your stupid!
You stupid ass, I bet you would come back and give all my movies bad reviews, but youre to pussy to do that, you stupid fuck retard.
Ummmm, did jungle snipr have more than three people? No. Does mine, yes. There was no blood, and the gun wasn't real and the history was innacurate.
Mines about WW2, so there will be differences U don't like. ANd the animation is just a little worse, but everything else is much better in mine. Your movie didn'ty even have any real people.
I bet you like Bush?
U R RETARDED!!!!!! Yeah U do.