LoZ: Hope's End

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Thanks for all the feedback! Highly appreciated!

NOTE: I noticed a few donations to my paypal account, BUT I temporarily lost access to it, so I didn't claim them because I need to regain access to it, by no means because I didn't want them!

Not sure when a new animation will be ready, hopefully in the next few months.


Good movie, but...

DAAGH! Holy SHIT, I'm confused. Link's head was off his body, how'd he do the Longshot thing?!


it was okay

the story was pretty good, it was alittle confusing. i could barely hear the voices, and the subtitles were off. try fitting the whole line in one go, even if you have to make the letters smaller, that way you can pause between speech. unless they say a lot, then you might wanna do more than one, but for this one, there wasnt that much speech, so it wouldve been fine. the animation was pretty good. there are the obvious things though, ya know, like working on making the arms bigger, to match teh body, and the heads smaller. you have a good style, it just needs to be perfected. but i understand that you did this all on the computer, so thats pretty awesome, keep it up!

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Holy S****

damn that sucked i diddnt get ha-- well......any of it i couldnt give a worse rating

That was terrible!!!!!

good things: alright animation

bad things: >That looked nothing like Link, Shiek,and Gannondorf!!
>You can't even hear what they are saying and the subtitles are not going with the words.
> Link isn't supposed to talk! he's supposed to be mute!!!!
> You just ruined the Legend Of Zelda with this in so many more ways!!!!!!


100/10 boy!!! I LOVE the sprites for Navi, Ganondorf and Link even if the running parts are quite strange but everything else is very good! I didn't expect that Link would got his head cutted or that Navi and Zelda/Sheik would come to attack Ganondorf (where is Navi at the end???) and that Link revived to "kill" Ganondorf (impossible to kill him because the Triforce's holders cannot die) or other things like that. The music and voices are great.

This is a little confused because it would be an endless battle because if Link had his head cutted and revived, Ganondorf's injuries are supposed to be healed or other things like that but it is VERY GOOD MAN!!!! My favourite movie (except Link Unknows origins for the story but not for the sprites)

Sorry it i writed a lot :P

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Mar 26, 2003
5:00 PM EST
  • Daily Feature March 26, 2003