marios bad facialhair day

March 26, 2003 –
September 24, 2008
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There are so many good things that i want to say about this movie but I don't have much time to say so.

That was pretty good.

C'mon man come up with something comedic. Sorry but I couldn't see the rest of this. I mean, action sprites aren't usually my style. But I enjoy kung fu Mario.

Hamtaro was sooooooo cute and i liked luigis clone minime u gotta make another when u can

i agree with mario2007 down to the last detail and aslo seeing mario in a wheelchair like that made me feel sry for him. nice work i was going to give a 8/10 but when i saw hamtaro getting killed i gave it a 10/10, GOD I HATE THAT LIL FURRY BASTERD

first of all:

1. i don't hate the hamster hamtaro. i hate the show!

2. that kid was spoilt and has a bad mouth.

3. when that toad said "wheelchair man!" was just... evil.

all in all, it is good.

God I have always hated that show. Thank God someone killed that gay little hamster. I like it in all, but like what the last guy said it would be dumb if Mario shaved his moustache. Good job, make another one.

This is great! Just the mentally retarded look on Mario's face when he was looking at that gay hamster made me laugh my ass off! Still, the story is dumb,and Mario without a moustache wouldn't be Mario! Nice work and keep it up!

That was hilarious and highly original, but I hate that show "hamtaro" it is totally gay.

4 cause killing hamtaro somehow reminds me of when my hamster died ... :'( ( i no hamtaro is not real!)

Moving on... movie pretty good !

OMFG u killed hamtaro!! hilarious.

One of the funniest Mario spoofs i've ever seen this was pure gold,great sprite animation and good varity of songs and stuff and had a good length of time overall this Mario sprite flash kicked ass!

As much as i cant really explain it really, that's mint man! Some of the sprites were dodgy, but that's not the point! A want to know what the end song is when you have to pick a winner! PLEASE!!!!

if i was mario i would have not put up with that crud even tho i h8 hamtaro *hiss*

great moive dude! rock on

Use Luara and Kanna!

Ur video is hilarious! good work too. i know how hard it is to make those flash games.. i loved everything

Believe me, you don't know how great it is to see hamtaro get killed. you have noooooooo idea.

newayz, it was well done!

(toad, show some respect for wheelchair people will ya')

sprites where good - sound perfect - humor LOOOL (a razor killing mario HAHAHA) good work


that was so funny my favorite flash ever!!!

and dat yellow long bug thing is called wiggler

did you here me bastard, dont let it. this is funny as hell!!!

It was funny, I feared every 10 seconds it was going to end but it lasted quite a while

I like the hamster part, but the endings were crap

Sweet. Movie was awsome. I happen to think that furry little um... thing had it coming.

That whas great, make more of this stuff. (i check ur site every week)

Maybe I like your stupid sense of humour or something, but I love this flash. And, of course... Du Hast rocks!!
Yoshi's ending is my favorite.

I guess i do have a stupid sense of humor since i thought it wa svery funny. Good idea on making a yoshi ending, yoshi is cool!

Ps.Please make a part 2!

I liked the concept but all the 3 possible endings were ineffective

poor poor hamtoro......NOT!!!!! lol!that was the funnyest crap ever!

That was too funny! I like how you got to choose your fighter at the end too.


HUMOR: 1900001

oh my god... the randomness in this animation was just too much... it was absouletly hilarious. i loved it. it was a really good animation. i liked the 3 ending it had to it too.
good work.

Dude that was one of the funniest most
random awesome things ive seen in my fricken life
clickin a 5

i was laughing my ass of when i saw this. this is some funny shit.
its a must see

I shall call him.. MINI ME. Poor little Hamtaro.. A cool flash. A little strange at the beginning. And the end had nothing to do with razors.

All of your mario shows are so funny!!!!!make more!!!!

Very funny, stuff keep at it.

Great Job
Very Funny :D

very funny superyoshi sunshine!!hahaha also u killed hamtaro which is little funny

Hahaha nice job yet again i cant belive how good you are with sprites, You and randy solem are amazing! Keep it up!

Whoa! Mario! You've shaved enough! ZAP! Funny or what? Mama-mia factor! Special apperence of Hamtaro,who ends up geting blown-up by a granade.Mario got hurt! MWHAHAHAHA! I always hated that little man..........and is that dinosaur on drugs or somgthing?VERY funny! 10/10!

Mama-Mia.. i really need to shave.. then the shaver does out of control and it has all them sounds from nintendo 64 of him getting hurt HAHAHA
Mario in a wheelchair.. Buwhahaha he looks retarded.. and the enimies laughing rofl!! Oh look.. Luigi decides to go in and his eyes haha.. the shaver BEWARE OF THE SHAVER LUIGI.. poor mario.. no mushroom for you.. luigis favourite words are mama-miaaaaa.. mario.. loosing his hamtaro lol and luigi thinking its a shaver haha so funny

Luigi's great...and i liked that you pt his voice in their...it makes me think of mario kart 64...i think the funniest part of this, was when mario couldnt reach the box...lol..and he had to throw the stick at it...lol..that was great...

hahaha luigis parts were the best and um dude wataglue u have the wrong movie u want supermario reloded i think

ive never seen matrix reloaded but now that ive wached this i want too awsum movie

That was sooo funny! and to Acelinyth ITS A CARTOON NO ONE ACCUTALY DIED!

My lil bro was watching this with me... and he loves Hamtaro... when he saw hamtaro get shot nd got killed he ran off screaming and crying!! omg yeah wtf did hamtaro ever do! im rating this a 0 every fucking day

how come in the authors comments it says
it's at krankzinning studios, they havn't had this flash in a long time?

There's nothing like seeing Nintendo characters beat up kiddie cartoon characters... *evil laughter* lol.


This was SOOOO funy
I feel bad for mario ..he didnt get that hamster

May be slightly offensive though

It was a pretty violently comical video, althoguh I don't get why Luigi turns on Mario after going to save him??? The endings are all great. A must see!

a perfect mariotoon!

Great Music and a brilliant story line makes this extereme funny!
Marios destroyed face was hilarious!

A strange plot indeed, usually its like, war, violence or stuff, but a bad facial hair day? lol, well doesnt matter, theres enuf violence for everyone :)

This was awesome, the best part was the sounds and stuff and I love the part with Mario and the stick and The block, It was HI-larious

I loved the music when hamtaro was in, that music went well with that pic, hamtaro is so heart-warmingly-cute ^^ you'd be insane not to agree! either that or heartless.
keep up the good work.

heh heh

why'd you kill him anyway? :'( there should have been a secret button where you click it and the hamtaro music comes on and aload of hamtaros come and kill luigi then yoshi eats them and mario kills yoshi and rescues the hamtaros... then the hamtaros kill mario, form into one who is kefka and laughs, then says UWEEE HEEE HEEE! wait... why am i here i'm from FF6 O_o then pop out of existance

I thought this was cool but it was mean when Luigi killed Hamtaro. :(
I like that music that was being played when Mario was being attacked by the shaver, it sound very familiar. :)

Hey that was awesoem dude funny shit.....whats the name of the song that plays when HAmtaro is looking all cutelike...i like the song...it sounded all pretty and princess pony like....it added to the humour dude.....i f***in hate hamtaro but that song made me like him for liek 5 seconds...emial me at JTodd2021@aol.com and let me know the name of that song or where u got it..
Awesome movie i love ur stuff dude

You have the f*****g strangest humour ive ever seen!
it goes the same for me though =) it's the greatest movie ive ever seen! man this rocks! lol

100th reviewer oh yeah great flash!

secret wapen no less? nou nou ^_^

i especially liked the part with hamtaro(lol).

awww the poor hampster! that was sad, i feel bad for mario :) but good work keep em' coming

Just, ummmm, doesn't mario have the perminent mustach? I mean, why didn't he think of this before??
well, never mind. I'm happy mario won...

couldn't stop laffin. mario in awheel chair was great. talk about a bad hair day!

Hahaha that was totally awesome! Keep it up!

Hilarious. That's one of the better Super Mario Brothers parodies I've seen. You're good with the Mario parodies, keep it up!

pretty good, but long and drawn out. i thought it was going to end when mario was put into the wheel chair, then there was a hampster, and the shaver attacks again, and all this other stuff. It holds more value, because it's long, compared to the file size. it was pretty funny when mario was put into the wheel chair. a good time :)

My neighbor and I both laughed when we watched this video. I thought it was funny that Mario got electrocuted by a electric razor and then he was in a wheel chair and I felt sorry for when Hamtaro got shot by Luigi just because he thought it was the evil razor again that tried to attack him too and we did all three different endings and we both laughed when it was super yoshi sunshine instead of mario sunshine.

This was extremely funny, especially the retarded-ish mario thing.
Plus, Hamtaro dies! YAY!

lol i htought it was going to be short, but it was long, but i dont mean that in a bad way, it was cool! i liked the wheelchair mario, and the sweet hamtaro getting stolen by those two mushroom boys. and i really bust a gut laughing when luigi suddenly flys an headbutts one and laughing "ho ho!"...hilariouse...and the bonus ending! im surprised you made a somewhat positive outlook for yoshi, caus most people hate him...well i loved every bit of it! please make more.

IT is so sweet so i dont know where to start i just think its so great o my good so good needto drink something it was so good and so much good and so much good funny stuff!!!!!
sooooo sweeeeet!!!! you are really good at making flash movies

I loved that very very original and easy to understand. I really had to say that. ^_^

Hey man that was some pretty neat stuff, really good work!...but just a little message to ProGamer- Dude, get into the outside world, it's only a fecking flash animation to humour us...if Sonic did some kind of black magic shit and accidentally turned himself into A mushroom, I'd still be laughing despite it not making any sense...it's...only...an...an-i-ma-tion! Jeez!

Lots of blood, lots of gore on the Hamtaro part too... But, hey, what can you expect when there's a gun involved! It was pretty funny, but pretty long... I liked how Yoshi was in it too...

that was a frickin' gem. there was so much...stuff! not a wasted scene in there. very well done.

a key to making good flash: use rammstein early and often.

It was a good movie but a little too long. And I don't like having to click on those little arrows every five seconds. But I like your choice in music! Rammstein! Make more, but shorter and without all the arrows that ya gotta click.

This movie is great! The part with Hamtaro is great even though he died, it was creative! I also like when Luigi has shell shock and when a gun comes out of the block! Make more!

good choice of music, du hast... the rest was decent..and kinda funny

...it was, well, how do i put this,ummmm...
...yeah,thats it.

very funny this 1 =)) i realy like it. keep upp the good work!!!!!!!

but i guess you thought you were being clever? especially the mini me thing? you lost big points with that.

Dude... this movie was frickin' awesome... and yet, I'm left, wanting more... maybe a sequel with Peach and her bushy, bushy legs... NAH...

This went really slow, and the fact that you forced us to click on this stupid little arrow every five seconds instead of letting us kick back with a 40oz and get wasted annoyed me. Learn to pick up the pace, I almost fell asleep.

i really enjoyed the movie, though the griphics was really bad and the sound wasnt good at all.
anyway, it was very funny, so its got my 5!
great job, make more stuff like this!

What can I say? This was okay. This animation was good, not great. I liked the music and the way you used sound effects from Mario games, that was kool. But it got tedious. It went on for too long and despite being well made, it wasn't actually very funny! Good try though. Make 'em shorter and faster in future.

I loved the whole thing, especailly when Mario was in the wheelchair. I laughed the whole time I watched it. Good work.


Dam ur fucked up. Stop talkin fuckin dutch!!!!!

It just took too long for the movie to end. But it was pretty funny. (or in dutch: Het duurde te lang voordat het filmpje was afgelopen. Best grappig, toch.)

grat choice of music, really the only reason i reveiwed, but the movie was also great and funny

This was great! Especially when Luigi kills Hamtaro becasue he thought it was a razor! Please make more like this!

The ol' Not-paying-attention-playing-paddle-ball scene. Works everytime...

Or at least not until the smoke cleared. It was good, not great but good. Only saw this cos of your April Fools Day flash, that was good too.

Good Work on this one Paul.
Very intresting how one day when a Razor goes insane can turn out lik ethis.
Only one thing annoyes me though I'm a Luigi Fan He doesn't get to WIN!! NO fair!!
ha ha ha
Keep it up Paul Great Work!

There's nothing I don't like about this movie. Brilliant.

Wow! I wish I could make flash!!! I'm adding this to my favorite list, and voting it 5!

(",) BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!

The name doese not gives this move credit, it rocks, lol, by the way how do u use sprites, i am new at this, and i wana know how to do it, can u teach me.

that was very good! Good job! For that you can give me a blow (ziiiip)

You should be shot and killed for making this it was just to god damn good :) I feel weird becuase this movie actually made me sniker i would give this a 6 for humur if i could

holy crap that was good man the plot was pretty funny and i loved that part where they kill that little hamtero thing damn i hate those and any movie with luigi kickin ass is a kick ass movie. You should make another one like that




but it was relly funny otherwise(hamser killing basturd!!!)

man, I feel bad for Mario. *Sniff* ;)

fucking hilarious man!especially luigi going ape shit,i just think mario should have eaten the mushroom man and his son to the same efect as a standard mushroom.good for u man.

funny funny. This is like the billionth mario one Iv'e seen and this is one of my favorites... dont know why.

It was funny. It had a few grammatical errors, but flash-wise, you're very talented. You get full marks from me.

funny and good
you have good talent
use it wisely my friend :D



That was just utter crap.....

You did a great job on hamptaro by the way, I never expected half the crap to pop up that did, and when it did, it was funny!! Make more! Cartoons with mario and other video game characters is always great, brings back memories! I wish someone would do one on Dragon warrior..anyone remember that? That game was great. (For regular nintendo)

That movie when from weird to really fucked up. AND I LIKED IT! Luigi should have had a better ending, though.

deze shit doet jong eindelijk zie ik ook een nederlander op NG die so fokkin'goed is!!!


This movie ownz

wow, im impressed, nice work, good music, and sound, ive never laughed my ass off so hard before, "i shall call him, mini me!" HAHAHAHAHA!!,funny shit, i love these mario parodies, or nintendo parodies, always expect a kick out of them

good job, no obvious errors I can think of. I like that warning "this movie is only funny to people with a stupid scence of humor like me" hehe. pretty funny movie

Yo it was pretty cool. Only parts I diddnt like about it was the stupid clicking to the next page. But other than that it was good.

ive always dreamed uv seeing sumpthiung like this but i never made 1 or saw 1 but this video is truly wut ive been looking for MAKE MORE and the shotgun kould hav been envolved more i luve hearing chk chk BWOOSH!!!!!! at unexpected times ahhhhhhh i luv this moooooooovy

A classic in the VG world.

YOU KILLED HAMTARO!!! YOU BASTARD!!!!!! Just kidding, I laughed throughthe whole damn thing, including the hampster out of no where threw me off guard too. I'm having trouble describing this, i'm still recovering from my laughing fit! Great job!!!!

Most of this was pretty stupid, but i did laugh in some spots. plus i do believe i heard a soul coughing audio track in there. along with rammstein. thus, i spared you the blam. you can thank me later.

Wow that was insane man. I loved the idea you got. How the hell did u come up with something like that. LOL. Man I hope to see some more of your work. Everything was something u thought of and not an original piece. That is why you recieved a 10. GJ. I hope u visit some of my work some day after i get it onto newgrounds.

Dude, it was mad funny, i was laughin my ass off. Keep em comin.

toffe poep dit en zeker laaaang

Een van de betere Mario Spoofs sinds tijden! mooi werk!

translation: ;-P
One of the better Mario Spoofs since ages! nice job!

That was pretty cute. You should make more like this. One thing though... Mushroom blocks, when they are hit, the mushroom always heads in the opposite direction that the person was facing when they hit the block.

I liked the part where Luigi went overboard on killing the hampster. Although I don't think there'd be much left of it after that grenade attack.

You should work on the graphics quality. The characters were blurry.

It really surprised me with how long it was and how funny it stayed up through the end. The multiple endings were a nice touch. Well done! I actually felt sorry for Hamm-hamm after Shell-shock Luigi went to town.

Nice work, very crammed with fun stuff.
Nice effects and sound.

Evil humour ;)

hella funny movie, the music was fantastic

Very very very very very very very very very Very very very very very very very very very Very very very very very very very very very Very very very very very very very very very Very very very very very very very very very good mario movie. but it falls behind a couple. still, This is the shiznit!

I like how you split movie MP3s for some sound effects (Spy Break, Smack my Bitch Up...) But was it so neccesary to kill Hamtaro?
Oh right.... of course.... hehe....

You could have gotten rid of the blur effect by chnaging the bitmap prefs, or just making a quality-low action on the first frame.

Other than those minor nit-pickings which nobody should have bothered pointing out, it was perfect.

Amazingly well done. I love the variety of music. I didn't even know any one else knew who Soul Coughing was.

This flash put a smile on my face. By the way, FUCK HAMTARO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that was fucking awsome but why did u fucking have to kill hamtaro why what was the fucking pourpouse of killing hamtaro why what did hamtaro do to u i just hope that the next flash u make make will get blammed cuz thats what u deserve for killing hamtaro i never ever wanna see another one of ur flashes again if it involes killing hamtaro now what is the point of that fucking bullshit password ohh yeah everybody the password is mariosrazor...the reason why i gave out the password is because this dipshit of a creator killed hamtaro and the bonus ending with yoshi is that he eats luigi and turns him into an egg then craps out the egg and kills mario and really mario or luigi dont win at the end cuz even if u click on mario bolth mario and luigi die and uif u click on luigi lugi dies im only giving away these parts because of that fucking hamtaro scen but all in all dude u get a big 5


but one question what is the password for ?

All in all it wa good. it could have been a little faster but it was good.

That was really funny.. best mario spoof on NG!
I'll give you 5!

This should definetly go in the Mario section, it's one of the best Mario parodys out there good job!

yess that was great laughed my ass off mario is having a bad day thats for sure lol i loved the part where he was trying to hit the block with a stick something about that made me laugh hard

Lots of chaos, good job! Hampster scene was very funny.

that was funny

the only thing that can truly put this movie is the phrase "roffnr" translated to rolling on the floor for no reason -o.O- -O.o- dude mario looks so frickin hillarious when hes in timmay mode...he shoulda been all like "RRRRIBBLERAH RIBBLERAH MARIO" rofl.

it doesnt matter how many accounts you have joel, ng can read your ip dickhead
great movie

you killed hamtaro u evil fargen corksucker u be an evil evil bastage hamtaro rules why did u kill hamtaro u evil bastard guy u fucking guy u bastarad guy ooooo and hamtaro belonged to sum innocent mushroom kid but yet u made luigi kill hamtaro u evil evil bastage mehhhh im giving u a 5 but if i see another flash that u make and it involes killing hamtaro i will vote 0 on every single flash u make and ill make multiple user accounts and keep on voting 0 untill its blammed so i advise u not to hill hamtaro!!!!!!!

Mooi gedaan en ook goeie muziek!!

All i can say is:This is probably one of the best-looking,best-sounding mario clips I've seen.Hope to see more of this :)

that was funny as hell, and the mario face!!bwahahaha!!!the toad face when is head is hurt bwahahahahah...people that think that the graphics are blurry are moron, the graphics were awsome, can stop myself watching it, bwahahaha, this deserve the top 50 of all time!!, i will show it to all of my friend, i hope your next cartoon will be funny like that, continue the great work, your the best Bwahahaha

hah thats hilarious, everything from mario in a bathroom in the real world, to toad hitting his head on a block, hah

i liked the storyline. funny as hell too. the graphics were blurry though. i didnt like that but oh well. awesome movie

LOL! Loved it!

...but not very good either. the password thing is pointless because all it enables you to do is select individual scenes from the movie. it's not worth it. the endings weren't that great anyway. at first you started out with the shaving thing (which was sorta funny) and then just kinda lost that whole concept and ended it with luigi and mario fighting (for the same reason that they ALWAYS fight) which had nothing to do with this movie's plot in the first place. but i guess if u really really really love anything to do with mario, you'll be entertained by this. it doesn't stick out from the other mario stuff on NG though.

Do I really have to beg to get more films like this?! This is the fucking Shit!

that was great! good job, very entertaining

bingo! ho ho ho ho!

Wow. I hope I'll see it in tomorrow Daily Top 5 !Well it isn't Mario vs Sonic (VGDC), but is awesome anyway. Keep it up !

Too long but it was worth it.Love the ending include Yoish game for Game cube,$500 dollors!!!!!
That too much for me.LOL

it was O.K. mario is really blurry in the beginning and i liked picking the different endings. I didn't like waiting through the super slow credits so the password for youz other people is 'mariosrazor'

i could do without seeing the hampster after it dies though


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