The Magickal Santa Bum

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i created this baby in like 6 hours with a total of 2140 frames, there is some jokes in here to look for them, you may not understand how someone could created such a piece of shit demented flash, well to tell ya it just comes to me while im in my own little world! put your self in my little world man and you fill the crazy shit of the world then watch the movie and fill demented! BAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA

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Not good...

...except for the coversation michael jackson had with santa...
And MJ talking about taking children "south of the equator, if you know what i mean" (I thought of Whose Line Is It Anyway when MJ said that; you know that game on WLIIA?)

So this was not good.. The music made me want to crawl in a hole.
So besides the MJ scene (which was ok) this stunk..

It is 5 AM and i am going to bed now.

En Hadu Faes?!

Tah llem khet zhul... Ahnde taran gani aei llew?! Udroo na aeth allai tudu sullre esk? Drah, udroo phett yesh taran, iskah ghai Buddha heph terr vells kah nektu ashamanti...


That was funny, the choice of music was perfect. LOL.

not too bad

It was ok just needed more work and style.

can i have some jackson power?

demented mother f**ker!! that was the funniest christmas flash i have seen in my life... all it needs is some sound to make it as close to perfect as anybody's ever gotten using non-interactive cut-outs for actors...

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2.76 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2003
3:08 AM EST
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