We're Going Sailing

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This video has been described as "a joy to watch" by Hot Press music magazine.

The animated music video for 'We're Going Sailing' draws on the romantic nature of the song for it's inspiration. Not just the boy-girl romance aspect but also the atmospherical and mythical romance that runs through the song. The simplicity and childlike style of the animation emphasises the naiveté and innocence that is inherent in the song itself. The Characters in the song are not adults neither are they Children.

The characters are mythical characters, only a few inches in height, and are sailing on a leaf. Their 'ocean' is really a stream, a reflection on the song's theme, which is a romanticism of the adventure a couple goes through and the magical quality that love gives to ordinary life.

If you want a break from the chaos of the adult world, this is for you. If you're browsing this site looking for nekkid ladies, we understand, but this probably isn't for you!



LOL. dophins in a river?? Honestly i didnt like the song, but the animation was good, lots of it


Was a very good movie.
Nice animation/song combination.
Made me want to go smoke a joint.


I liked the graphics and song... so... yeaaa... the only problem was the way the moon/mermaids sang. It looked scarey.

not bad

it was pretty cool.
good work.

very good

I found it a very good job of how they put it all together. The flash is like a romantic adventure which everyone should see.

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3.22 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2003
11:56 AM EST
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