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jesus and me - the movie

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Author Comments

I know this sucks, it's my first flash cartoon that has been over like 10 seconds, it's a music video featuring Cursive for the audio - it's not meant to be sacreligious, but i can see how some people might see it that way - oh well, it's mye vydeo.

BACKSTORY: In order to understand what's going on, you should read the stories that my flash movies are based on - by going to my site, it's in my profile, scroll down some updates and you'll see a section of jesus novels that involve me and jesus fighting off hordes of zombies and the undead/furries/pirates/bill gates/etc.

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I liked the music...

but I was hoping for something that would really kick ass (Hey, I like Jesus. He's my man). The concept was cool, but the execution wasn't as polished.

I say, write up a script, try to hook up with someone on the BBS to animate it, and give it another go.

For any body watching, this basically tries to make Jesus into a badass (well, he's going to be if you go by the Book of Revelations), so take it as you will. Rock on.


Okay, so it's one of your first flash movies. I can understand that. Thank you for actually admitting in your title that your movie sucks. I can't believe how many 8th grader dipwads post crap and say "d00d my sh1t iz teh l33t3st why teh b@d sc0r3 f@gg1ts". Yeah i'll admit it, some of my movies were crap at first (albiet well written and rush jobbed.)

Honestly though, you seem to have the basics down. Take time to develop your drawing, timing, and animating some more. I would like to see you and jesus kill more things.

Oh yeah, In that one scene where you and J were siloette'd side by side, it looked like Jesus had a sharp hard on.


First off, you need a play button. None of the stories you talked about in your comments were on your site... Now, onto the movie. The music was ok, but why would you put it into this movie? It does not really fit, ehh. The graphics are all right, your drawings at the beginning, and the single foot looked good. When your Jesus cut one of the pirates(?) it looked really bad, also when you shot the pirate, it looked bad. The sound went out to early... Not trying to rag on you or anything, just trying to help you out in the future.


Nifty concept

Nifty concept and the way the characters move and act is pretty cool but, I'm an Atheist so I guess it is hard for me to like it that much because I pay more attention to some parts that others.

imlameinside responds:

so am i...


This movie has some good ideas behind it but the animation could have been alot better. Keep up the good ideas.

Credits & Info

3.26 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2003
11:34 PM EST