Project X Ep. 3

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Well after almost a month i am done with the 3rd episode...i hope you all enjoy it..i am sorry about the huge file size but i tried compressing the sounds and all that..but the movie is long..and i mean long..it's 8+ minutes...so i hope the file size wont hurt the score...please watch it all of it before review it and tell me where i need to improve..thank you..

To those who are interested:
*8.20 minutes long
*7991 frames
*78 scenes
*Spanish version coming out soon
*Watch it at medium quality for best results or the music may get out of sync

It's nice to see that the movie has done this well...i just wanted to comment on some of the reviews..
First the sound...i know that voices could make the movie a lot better..but as you can see i almost reached the memory limit..so i would've have to change plans and make more episodes...
Second thing..frames..i wanted this episode to be more animated than the last two..but i didnt take into consideration that it would turn out to be this long...again memory was the reason why i didnt include more frames..i even have to change somethings when the fight with the robot takes place..it wasnt supossed to be like that..maybe i will make a "what should've been" movie..lol..thanx for your reviews..

SECOND DAILY PLACE!!..wow thanx..i didnt see that one coming..:P

The name of the song when they first get attacked by the robot is Lap dance remix by N.E.R.D...


And the stage is set.

Amazing, astounding, I love it. To have such a great amount of story and great visual work is something very rare to be seen. Your music choice was great, and I'm especially glad you put a preloader in this one. Awesome fighting scenes, and great character development. Everything fits in perfectly in this episode; very well done. Oh, and I see you've met RancidPsychoJosh, don't worry about him. He's always whining and bitching on the BBS and round NG, no one really likes him anyways. Amazing job, you really outdid yourself with this one. Keep up the great work.

CheveLoco responds:

i dont know what to say besides thanx and i am so happy that u liked it..and about RancidPsychoJosh...i dont care about him..i have seen him in IM before and i like i told him..i dont care about what he thinks...

Pretty cool man...

I really dug your choice of music for this. Overall pretty cool. THe ONLY critisism I could really after watching was it would be even cooler if you didn't drag on a couple of the scenes. Like instead of one character walking with sound clips for each footfall just do a small animation of them running with no sound other than the background music. It would probably cut down on the file size as well as help pick up the pace of the storytelling too. :) I look forward to seeing the next one, keep it up!

CheveLoco responds:

i tried to make the file size as small as possible..but still i know is really hugre...sorry...but if i had made the episode shorter it would've changed my originals plans..i'll try better next time..

Better than the last. Keep up the improvements!

If you listen to little punks like RaNcIdPsYcHoJoSh, you won't make much of your creativity. From what I saw of his movies, the only good thing about them was the small file size. That's about it; so much for RaNcIdPsYcHoJoSh's creativity. He doesn't have much room to talk, because he hasn't yet proved that he could make a better flash movie. At least you have something good going on, even if much of it so far is cliche. You have truly improved since you last two episodes; the special effects you made are looking much cooler. Just clean up the character designs and anatomy a bit, and try to make the plot a tad more original. ;) It's hard to be 100% original, and if you're trying your best, I truly understand. Keep that series cranking!

CheveLoco responds:

i know...i dont pay attention to guys like him..and i know my movie may be cliche but i try my best...and thanx..i try to improve with each episode...

It's been done

It was pretty kool but it's been done.

CheveLoco responds:

well what can i say man...i cant please everyone..thanx for ur review..


the second best paradoy of this skit good job

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Mar 23, 2003
6:55 PM EST
  • Daily 2nd Place March 23, 2003