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Blots day out

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hes an unlucky guy


not the best or worst.

man...that was pretty cool. I liked the shark part.I like the ones with pointless killing.

Truly pathetic

I'm very glad you enjoy dark humor. Do us all a favor and leave creation to those with creative powers.

poor fella

yea good stuff, basic but valuable... i liked it


Well i would have to say that this one is abit different from normal nbh style, its more of newgrounds style and not like your detailed indepth storys, still funny, i like the interactiveness, keep up the decent work...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: Different nbh style...


You are the greatest animator.

You and Synj need to do a movie! You and SYNJ are probably the best flash animators out there. I just want to let everyone know how much I look up to you. Even though you probably won't see this, that's cool, I will probably end up peeking in through your window watching you at your computer some day, so watch out. I know you and SYNJ are buds, so you REALLY gotta do something together. Ok, now to do this same thing on all your other movies! Peace.

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2.91 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2003
7:07 AM EST
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