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Grumpy Little Elves

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It is funny

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Hahhahaha was this from Monty Python or something?

Hahaha I guess you were right nothings more funnier then a bunch of pissed off elves with some nice pictures to accompany it.

Shame you couldnt do the whole song because it gets even better as it goes along. But this is good enough!


The animation here was very subpar, and to only use such a short clip was simply lazy. If you'd animated a full video for this somewhat humorous song, I think it would have turned out a lot better, but these scant 20 seconds are barely worth it as its over before it really begins,

You can't really blame em

If I had to make toys for millions of undeserving little bastards year after year, I'd be mad too.

I've watched this every Christmas since 2001...

And damned if I don't still love it!

Ho,ho fucking ho!

Haha funny enough.........

Good work Foug,keep it up!