fatty and slim 2 preview

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i need new ideas for them to do to the picture

please leave reviews

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I think they should...

...photoshop it.

The graphics needed alot more effort put into them. Seriously. I'm guessing this was made in about ten minutes. I could of done this in three or four.

The voice acting wasn't clear, either. It was clear enough for you to hear what the characters were saying but there was still a bit of feedback/static or whatever. Try having your mouth not so close to the microphone try not to shout as much.

The idea was interesting but the flash was rather poor due to bad graphics and bad voice acting but you tried and I'm sure you'll become alot better at flash within the future. Keep practicing and good luck to your future projects. I'll give you 3/10.

This is my only all-zero review. Ever.

This is the most awful piece of crap to ever plague God's green Earth, and I pray and hope the author never touches Flash again for the rest of his life. This was the only review I've ever written where I actually felt it deserved all zeros for the review. If you mix horrible artistic talent with horrible voice acting and no humor, violence, or style, you certainly don't get an amazing Flash movie, you get Fatty and Slim, which is the polar opposite.


It was ok, but im sure you could do alot more, my advice would be lower the sound, it was just abit too loud, and had some static to it, maybe more of a story could be used, and for the char design well they could also be worked on for a better outcome, it was ok...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: ............. .. .


what i have to say...

yojenen sux but i contat believe you peed on her!!!1? WTF?! omg lol! ... word. .. please not this was all a joke, this movie is horrible.... horribly funny!

I'm sorry, that wasn't too funny

Though I normally might find the idea funny, it wasn't... don't know why. The animation was lacking too. The audio was really buzzy too. Other ideas? I dunno... maybe make an entire dummy and do things to torture it (burn, needles, drop off cliff, run over with car). Or maybe you could actually put the real person (this would allow the introduction of blood!) Just some crappy violent ideas off the top of my head. Good luck!

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1.35 / 5.00

Mar 22, 2003
5:30 PM EST
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