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Here's your chance to show "Jr. Bush" what you think of his little war!


Arrows: Move Tank. Tilt Tank Turret
A Key: Shoots

Watch for the military chopper! Shoot it down to gain 2 extra kill points, and ensure that Bush doesn't escape! If he escapes you lose 10 seconds off your time...

One last thing, the more creative the kill the bigger the time extension!

Note: I didn't want this to turn into another lameass political debate but whatever... Let me clarify for the stupid:

1. I am for the American Troops and The Iraqi People

2. I am against Saddam and Bush, and I am against War. In my eyes they are both evil.

3. I don't wanna have to ever repeat 1 and 2 again :)



this is a nice game, that expresses just my desires for the assholes in power

Hi! My name is hypocrisy!

Seriously, this is the most idiotic game I've ever played. You have shitty music in the background, shitty graphics, and a shitty concept. People who are against war yet want to kill those who start wars are okay in my book, but only if they DO IT, and making an uninspired load of horseshit where you repeatedly kill the same person over and over again is just weak. Here's some advice to the democratic party (because the person who made this undoubtedly considers himself democratic or an anarchist, and everyone knows anarchy is to democracy as the KKK is to the NRA); if your presentation is shitty, no one who matters is going to CARE what you have to say, because you're just...annoying. Peace.


I loved the concept. I too am strongly anti-Bush, and would love to take my anger out on him.

The gameplay is great except it is limited. Could you possible include more ways of killing Bush.

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Good song and loads of fun. Not that I would ever take an Abrams to the president in reality, but its always fun on a flash game!

damn that was funny

hahahahahhahahh thats so FUCKING funny funny shit funny shit

yah funny bush in the midst of war


don't let'em escape

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Credits & Info

3.23 / 5.00

Mar 22, 2003
3:48 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun