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Here's your chance to show "Jr. Bush" what you think of his little war!


Arrows: Move Tank. Tilt Tank Turret
A Key: Shoots

Watch for the military chopper! Shoot it down to gain 2 extra kill points, and ensure that Bush doesn't escape! If he escapes you lose 10 seconds off your time...

One last thing, the more creative the kill the bigger the time extension!

Note: I didn't want this to turn into another lameass political debate but whatever... Let me clarify for the stupid:

1. I am for the American Troops and The Iraqi People

2. I am against Saddam and Bush, and I am against War. In my eyes they are both evil.

3. I don't wanna have to ever repeat 1 and 2 again :)


riftmaster is right

hes right an so is mishmaster. there shouldnt be a war, its ridiculous

Saddam is evil not Bush!

I dont like this game,because Bush is the best president in the world and Saddam is evil not Bush.You should make it into a kill Saddam game.Then i would give it a 10/10,but if you make a game where you have to kill Bush then 0/10


Lol that was amusing, bout time something liek this is available :P. Anyone how do you take down teh chopper, its so hard, 5 shells i got off b4 it got away. U neeed more bushed runnig round too :P


There is no reason for a war on terror and finally we have the war we should haave had 4 years ago: The war on Bush

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sweetsweetbacksuxorz is a dumbass

sweetsweetbacksuxorz ,were officially in a war on terror, it might not be with any specific country but we are at war, and last time i checked, its been way over 60 days since we've entered Iraq.
As for the game, meh, boring.

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3.23 / 5.00

Mar 22, 2003
3:48 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun