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Message to Sadaam n world

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THis is sort of a poem that I wrote this movie is a little long but I hope that you all like it I am sending a message to saddaam and the proud men and women fighting on the frontline.

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the good:
at least it wasn't complete and utter bullshit.

the bad:
wow, that movie takes so damn long to say so little.

the ugly:
speed things up!


Do I have to repeat everything the previous reviewers said ?
this wasn't even close to bad . BUt keep trying....I'm sure you can aprove..........once ......

The lowest score i've ever seen on Newgrounds...

C'mon dude that was terrible. It's slow and the poetry is poor, you spelled the guy's name wrong, and at one point I thought I was going to get a seizure from that picture.

If you want to help the troops out, then please start a fundraiser or something because obviously flash and poetry is out of your league.

No Comment.........

I'll be nice here, most fo the other reviews have treated you like crap, so all I'm going to say is quit wasting your time and talent on this garbage and don't make antoher. Quit wasting bandwidth and if you do make more flash, don't make it as shitty as this one was.

this was soooo bad

this was sooo bad just don't even watch it its more fun to die than watcch this rubbish. I had a good day until I saw this movie. It's really long and absolutely pointless. Just like this review. But this review is better because I'm saving you from the same fake. Hey, I can spell 'Thinking' but the author of this movie cannot.