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Author Comments

Most peple on newsground are not gay.

Then there are those who are sumewhat gay.

There are still othurs who are flat out gay.

Then there's millix : the biggest homoseksual on newsground-he is gayest of all- He is so gay he pushes it to...


Just wach and see...

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Fucking Funny

I can't imagine the great adventure millix will have with Reggie the dead cat.


Seems millix has dropped the gayness aside since he gave the jukebox flash a good review (10!)

Is that Steven Herman besides Millix? It sure looks like him.

Holy shit! nobody reviewed this since 2004!

Millix must be gayer than tha gayest gay person in tha world!
Now Im scared that Millix will appear in my bed when i wake up in the morning. He looked so gay-ishly creepy when the picture got sharp.
But you should make an episode. Millix should be even more humiliated!

eddiebalin responds:

Yeah, you can nevur humiliate millix enuff!

Too short.

Make an episode, I want to see him get humiliated more than this. The little bitch deserves everything he gets.

eddiebalin responds:

I dont have time becase Im finishing up "adam fulton goes to heaven...sorta"

Thats going to be so above and beyond evurything Ive evur done on the newsground that I think I may have to retire becase I will nevur be able to top it.

It will be in the daily top five and probably on the front page and a feature.

I bet. youll see.

so far 300 huors of work and counting.




"-millix- is gay" is not a good enough explanation.

Also, by your reckoning, spelling badly makes you a gay. Therefore, you must be the biggest gay on Newgrounds. (not newsground)

Again, you're simply just jealous because of the respect that -millix- gets. He's not exactly brilliant at flash (ok he's terrible) but still manages to mantain the friendship of the majority of NG users.

Whereas you, EddieBalin, are a good flash animator. If you wanted, you could be the greatest of all time, with awards tallying to double figures.

So why, you must be thinking, are you hated by so many people on NG, and the only award you have won you had to cheat for?

Well, the answer is simple.

You see, -millix- has a life.

You probably don't know what that is, because you've never had one, have you?

Because half of your movies are directed at other NG users, or are orientated around cocks, the ordinary, decent NG user sees your existence on this website as a malicious waste of time and talent. Therefore, the only people who have any respect for you are equally pathetic.

-millix- on the other hand, has never tried to bash anyone or anything in his work. And the fact you made 3 movies about how much you dislike him has made him even more popular on a sympathy vote.

So you see Eddie, you really can't win.

My advice, get you head out of your backside, stop worrying about what people think of you, and make a flash that people will like and respect you for.
Because your current crop of flash movies suck.

That is all. have a nice day.

eddiebalin responds:


Millix is gay IS a good enuff explanation!

BTW ...and MY advise to YOU is get the PENIS out of YUR backside.

Also I worry about what peple think of me???


Relly, when did that happen?

PS yur gay!

fuck yha dude!!!

ive watched all your new 1's man & i think they r the shit...your my fav artist on this piece of shit HELL YHA!

eddiebalin responds:

Uh uh, not so fast, chinese panda.

I've submitted anuther flash called "millix loves banana" aftur this revew was writen.

Untill you've checked that out you haven't seen all my new ones.

Credits & Info

2.00 / 5.00

Mar 21, 2003
2:26 PM EST