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Some cool puzzles I thought up. Very old school of me. Good luck solving them they're very hard. If you give me a review with an overall score of 6 or up I'll answer your questions.

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what are all the answers to the riddles? i love your game.

EZ3 responds:

When you press the next button it says the answer... Thanks.


I'm retarded I didn't get any of them except "deal."
make more
it was cool


Actually, a word problem game, such as any one of those, is called "rebus."
Not that anyone would know that; I'm surprised that I know.
In any case, a one for you.

You get a ten

And now for the questions
1. Who the fuck am i?
2. I guessed one does that make me smart or a penis?
3. Where the fuck am i?
4. What site is this?
5. Will you check out my game Xtreme Snowboarding?
6. If NO will you blam it for me?
Have a nice and wondeful day full of light and delight and may god give you might to smite George W Bush

EZ3 responds:

2- abit of column a and a bit of column b
3-at your computer
6-sorry...i won't...but i'll watch it

I'll always give you 10...

...even if you don't deserve it, and especially if you bribe me. Now for my qusetions...
1. Do you still submit a flash to NG everyday? If so, how hard is it to come up with new ideas?
2. Are you going to find better hosting for your site so your links don't die?
3. How come you never responded to my review of "King of the blammed" but when I reviewed "(C?)locks" you said I should review "King of the Blammed"? (Here's a hint: I changed my name a lot)
4. How long did it take you to think up those riddles? Do you expect anyone else to actually get them? (They were funny though)
5. You know I love you right?
6. Are you going to answer any of my questions, or are you a lying, cheating bastard? (oh, how can I stay mad at you... {{{EZ3}}} )

EZ3 responds:


1-nope... about every three days (not as young as i use to be)
2-in the distant future yes...
3-i will now.
4-approx. 1 hour (and posibly)
5-now i do.
6-ofcourse i will!!!

thanks for the 10!

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3.99 / 5.00

Mar 18, 2003
3:09 PM EST