The Grim Reaper 2

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The Shadowy Elite are laughing!!! Can't you almost hear them?



Well, this one was pretty funny like the rest of them, but the thing is: atheist would love to have a god and an afterlife, then I would be partying it up, and also I could tell by the brutal death that you generally hate all atheist and think they only like sex and wine. Not cool man. It's still funny though because all political or cultural jokes are funny. :)

good stuff

and jeez man chill out its only a flash i'm a christian so should i be mad when he sayd we should have picked a better religion in the firt episode ??

and if you get mad at a comedy based flash then go get a life

Funny. BUT

It was funny.... BUT it certainly doesn't hold a candle to part 1.

The biggest problem, that bugs the hell out of me (in case you can't tell from the length of my monologue) is this:

That supposed atheist is merely a representation of what theists think atheists think. Atheists don't think "I don't believe in gods or the afterlife because I wouldn't like the consequences of such a universe." THAT is the way theists think. People who believe in god or gods choose their beliefs because they are afraid of the consequences of believing anything else, or because they think one far-less-likely reality is "prettier" than the most likely one. THAT is the way theists think. Matzerath (the author), do you REALLY think that I, as an atheist, don't believe in god because I PREFER a universe without one? That I, as an atheist, don't believe in an afterlife because I would RATHER it be that way, for the reasons you gave in this video? Of course not. THIS is the way atheists think: our dearest wishes don't mean shit. That's right. We would LOVE it if there was an afterlife for us, if everyone got a destination that was both ironic and malevolent for those who deserve such, and loving and enlightening for those who deserve that. But we don't believe in such a universe, not because it wouldn't be a nice thing, but because we know that it isn't the case. Wishing that tree that you're about to crash into isn't there isn't going to keep it from smashing your brains into the windshield and neither will wishing to be reunited with loved ones when we die allow it to happen. Death is oblivion. We know it. Probably every living thing with a mind knows it deep down. But that doesn't mean we prefer it that way. You think I believe death is oblivion because I take comfort in knowing that everyone I've ever loved has been utterly annihilated? You must think we're pretty messed up, don't you? In fact it is the opposite. We accept facts that would crush theists because they can't handle the truth (can you even comprehend your time ending? That's why people invented the idea of an afterlife, they couldn't comprehend much less deal with the very notion of time ending for them as observers, for there to not BE an "after" following their final moments) and that is why they believe in fairy tales and imaginary friends and we do not. We prefer reality to the dearest illusions. And frankly I resent you putting words in my mouth, trying to comprehend my position when you clearly do not.


one of my fav series deffinetly a winner
and i agree with adoomgod

To the religious who can't take a joke.

If you are going to give funny flashes like this a zero because it conflicts with your religion, get off the site. I mean, you're the minority here and all you people do is whine and impose your beliefs onto the rest of the members here. Nobody wants to hear it, nobody. Go donate to charity, or give help to another needy human being. It's a better use of your time. Ask yourself, does God want you to go to some website for teenagers to just blam the hell out of flashes? Don't kid yourself.

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Mar 17, 2003
11:02 PM EST
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