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Author Comments

this is an anti-war movie i made. it pokes a lot of fun at george w. bush because hes such an idiot. if you are pro war then dont watch this and go away. also to all the people who say its not all about oil, yes i know. i was going to include every side to the conflict in this animation, but i dont have enough patience to spend more than a day making somthing. i was going to include how this effects other countrys, more reasons why the war is bullshit, some examples of the propaganda on the news, how this effects the people of iraq, weapons of mass destruction, and other things. so dont think that i beleive oil is the only reason.

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Im kinda over that whole war thing, this movie dosn't really interest me, you can only go so far with these sorts of movies, I guess it would be alright for someone who was into all that anti/pro war crap, its kinda old now, but i guess thats what happens when u make a movie about somthing like this

I agree

The war was more than just about oil and I hope Bush never gets reelected, not that he was ever elected to begin with.

trenk responds:

yeah i wish i had more information before i made this. it wasn't all about oil but it certaintly wasnt justified.

Movies not all that great but I do agree with you

I don't like the movie much because its lacking in technical aspects but I do agree with the message you were sending out. I can't stand Bush...if anyone needs to die its him. I don't think its (or was?) 100% about oil, but thats just a part of it in a much larger plot.

I honestly believe if he gets "elected" for a second term, the world is over. Not like he ever got elected in the first place though.

trenk responds:

yes. i agree with you. it was ot 100% about oil, and i am not the best flash animator.

I really wanted to like this

I completely agree with the message you're portraying here, don't get me wrong, I agree with what you say, but, the movie itself was pretty weak. The shape tweens were pretty badly done to the point I felt pain for about 2 seconds, and Dubya in your cartoon looks more like a used car salesman than the Resident-in-Chief. I understand that you say you dont put any effort into the movies, and I did notice you mentioning that you didnt feel like covering anymore of the topics, so, Ill only make the one suggestion : I would have put Fox News in there somewhere. You're smart enough to know why.

Ok, I lied, second suggestion : for your replies to comments, I understand you get fucktards who have only managed to manage to spell "gay", "cock", and "!!111!!1" the right way are in fact idiots, and are fucking lucky they can remember to breathe, but going ballistic in your response is kind of overboard, it's making you look almost as bad as the cousin-jockey's you're replying to.

But anyways, I agree with the message completely, but the portrayal of said message needs work.

trenk responds:

yeah i know. i always get pissed off and it makes me look ignorant. ive been trying to stay calm in my responses and state the facts. i know this war was not all about oil, but it pisses me off that bush goes in for one reason, then quickly says "no wait, this is about freedom!" and iraq has never actualy done anything to us. we have made more iraqis miserable than happy.

This is very much appreciated..

I really thought it was very funny, and the Bush drawing was actually damn good. I thought it was well put together. And as for those of you who feel that Bush should not be critisized or at least questioned, think about what he means for YOU the Newgrounds viewers: he is from the far right conservative republican party. This means he has ZERO TOLERANCE for the types of Newgrounds goodness we cherish. He is very poorly worded and I think this parody was great.

Credits & Info

2.72 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2003
10:13 PM EST