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Hey everyone, I'm still working on Survivor ep 5, there's gonna be a cameo so getting sounds and meeting on the net is kinda difficult at the moment. But I had an idea for a new flash.

In order to do this flash, I need your co-operation. If anyone is interested in being in my new series called, "Late Night" which will have a host, and you will be the guests! Just fill the form and I will contact you as on what to do. There will also be a plot to this series, kinda like the Larry Sanders show, with a behind the scenes look at the life and times of a Late Night television show.

Please be patient, I know this isn't a great flash, it's more of a form that will send me the info I need to have guests. I thought it would be better if NG could interact ;)




ok what in the heck is this??

i liked you ng survivor series (no realy!)

and i dont know what this should be but i filded the shit in before and didnt got any mail back mail me splaeas i alsowe have a flash charcater who may can be in your show and iam very creative just tell me i wil make you one...


Well seems like its a decent idea, but maybe you should have did this on the bbs, maybe more feedback, congrats on all awards you have won over the survivor series, but are you ever gonna make anything from your own artistic value and not off some idea that has already been done, its kinda like taking credit for another authors work, heh wait a min i forgot you did that already also, well anyways im not here to bash you, just wanted to see somthing different, cause i do like some of your stuff and some of the music, well i hope you dont get all crazy now and start calling me names for this review, since it is my review and i just wanted to comment on the current film and other work of yours, ohwell keep up the decent work...


RLL-BABY responds:

I know this is really really really old. But I came on here to reflect on what I did in the past, both musically and artistically.

I would like some solid references as to where I ripped another idea off. Just because someone writes a comment about me does not make it an admission of any sort.

I wanted to look back at the account in a nice, positive, and nostalgic manner, but this comment that I must have missed made me wonder where you got the idea from.

Anyways, I write my own music now, perhaps you want to tell me I ripped that off too?



He he. Another copy!

Yup. He copied my movie again, but I love it! He he! Good work Eric, and I hope lots of people audition, rather than my poxy 50.

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RLL-BABY responds:

What movie are you referring to?

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Mar 16, 2003
11:10 PM EST
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