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Mar 15, 2003 | 2:44 PM EST

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Author Comments

I did the skripting on this so one in a hendred will win at this game at random, if you win a few times in a row yur very lucky.

are you a winner?



Rated 3 / 5 stars

kind of funny...

It was funny but cut down on the gay jokes a bit. Keep up the good work

eddiebalin responds:

gay jokes?

what are those?

Nevur heard of'em.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Dude, all those cum isn't good for your health.

What the hell was that shit? I normally write full-blown reviews for every flashes I watch (since I'm educated, unlike a worthless piece of God-knows-what like you), but when it comes to reviewing all your shitty flashes, I'll make an exception (a BIG exception).

Straight to the point, your "game" (Having users click on just a button doesn't make this flash a "game", nimrod.) was a total piece of shit. First of all, why would you make it so that only 1 in 100 would win this game? There's no strategy involved, and it's solely based on pure luck. If only you'd stop giving head to your pet hamster and actually learned to pay attention, you'd realize all the low scores that people have been rating, since they hated this flash (not to mention you as well). Secondly, why do you always put cocks and homosexual abstracts inside all your flashes? If you are truly fascinated with such things and are really desperate to let other people know about it (rather than presenting it inside a website), do yourself a favour and stop hiding your truths behind a site like this. Honestly, nobody in society gives a shit if your cock is small enough for you to screw grasshoppers with. Now go to the nearest hospital and ask a surgeon to graft a large piece of plastic onto your crotch region before any more sparrows out would lay their beak on a delicious inchworm from your crotch.

PS. Drinking all those cum for food isn't good for your health buddy. I suggest you to crawl back into that high security mental institution you were born in. Oh and make sure you wipe your face and brush your teeth well so that psychiatrists would not mistaken you as a large, ugly birthday cake.

PSS. Please don't disgrace the beautiful Sonata piece from Mozart by creating a hideous, nauseating remix of the same piece using your soundtrack program. Looks like a cat threw up inside the program after he took a glance at your ugly face.

PSSS. I'm just about to review the other flashes that you made. Good luck with all your faggot-ass replies. (And please, PLEASE don't use words that are related to sex, your sexual preference, and the things that fascinate you, such as dick, gay, fuck, and all that shit I see on all your replies. And learn to actually spell and know which keys you should be typing rather than jerking off your dog and hoping the shot would land somewhere on one of the keys. And no, please don't draw a picture of a penis, because I don't want to hurt my eyes squinting at the computer screen hoping to see it.

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eddiebalin responds:

"Art hath an enemy called ingorance."

Ben Jonsen, c. 1573-1637


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


wat on earth was that

eddiebalin responds:

Beats me.


Rated 0 / 5 stars


This was humourless and weak please, try harder i dont know why ppl liked it so much its got a cult following lol

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eddiebalin responds:

Yur mother's pussy also has a cult following.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Your flashes are always good for a laugh. But I also enjoy the negative responses you get.

eddiebalin responds:

Me too!