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Mega Man 1 Remake

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My firt game in newgrounds. I made 3 games: 2 adventure (in Portguese with Lara Croft), 1 remake (Mega Man 1). I am working hard to show you my new game: Mega Man 2 remake. I do my best, I promisse! Bye, guys!!


a cool game game sweet 16 bit graphics amazing you should make megaman 2; 3; 4 ;5; 6; 7; 8 ;9 ;10 remakes

Better Than EmperorEvil's Megaman RPG

Gliches but fun

I Really like the game becouse i am a geek of megaman But the game has one glich. Some times
when you beat a boss it ceaps exploding you see meny circles and meny circles. But that is the only bad thing, and i love the game Its really fun. Good job on makeing it i loved it and i recemend
peaple to play this. I lked how that the bosses weaknesses are the same it gos
Fire man to bomb man to guts man to cut man to elec man to ice man.
Sweat game i love it and i know all of that becouse i have played megaman 1
i have megaman anniversary collecton. I cant wait till you make the next one. Megaman rools and i hope you think that to i hope every one thinks that. awesome game thanks for making it


too easy tho


I would give u a 10 if the game wasnt so easy can u die in this game at all. And like most games this game has this right click glithch when u right click and press play u skip each boss

Anax responds:

I know... are you cheating the game?? Everything well. But it tries to play of the legal form and you it will feel the levels of difficulty. Have fun!

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3.55 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2003
11:50 PM EST
Action - Fighting - VS