Mega Man 1 Remake

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My firt game in newgrounds. I made 3 games: 2 adventure (in Portguese with Lara Croft), 1 remake (Mega Man 1). I am working hard to show you my new game: Mega Man 2 remake. I do my best, I promisse! Bye, guys!!


Great Job on Mega Man Remake!

That was a great remake of Mega Man! I like how you made it turn based action to change it up from the original. Please make more remakes!

great start..

The only problem I had with this is that you can keep pressing z, and get through everything. You need to make it when you gain lvs, the bosses get harder and you can inflict more damage. Other then there being no difficulty, it was very good.

Yeah kinda good

This game is kinda good but i wish you would have put the part where you accually move and need normal enemys like the real game. you fight enemys then move onto boss but in this fun game you made you moved right to the boss.

Anax responds:

Ok. I am preparing a continuation. Your suggestion will be assisted!!

You got to make nr 2!!!!!!

I always wanted anyone to re-make the old
megaman games.......But the battle song was
kinda crappy......

Anax responds:

right. But I am working hard to get better!! Very thankful!


It's a good thing I remembered all of my weaknesses from back when I played the Megaman games. Since you just stand there and choose attacks to fight bosses, it's pretty mindless once you figure out you start with energy tanks and what weapons to use. It's, of course, nowhere near as fun as the real games, battling through stages, agile maneuvering, rationing firepower against hundreds of enemies, but you can't expect that from Flash. It's a great tribute, though. I'm not quite sure if the dialogue was supposed to be funny or if it's just really, really bad English.

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Anax responds:

Excuse the flaws, friend. It is that am Brazilian and to translate perfectly, it is necessary to do the whole game with the revision of an American. Anyway, very thankful!!

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3.55 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2003
11:50 PM EST
Action - Fighting - VS