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Farmer Bob and Squek ep 4

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hey be nice not hharsh review review review you know the drill!



I am a very harsh reviewer, but I must say I really liked this. You character designs are very visually appealing, you have a nice style. The only thing that this needs is some actualy animation. If you were to frame by frame a walk/run cycle, and then move THAT across the screen it would look a shit load better. But this is nice.

That's nice !

I would make a longer story tho...more action...
and this was a kind of Looney Toon joke...like the coyote who is always trying to kill the blue bird with a bunch of invention that never works...
it's pretty funny but You could do something more original...cause as soon as farmer bob pressed the lever...everybody thinks "Oh then he'll go check what's going wrong and it will explode..." it's like a very old kind of joke..
the drawings are cool tho :)
Keep up the good work

That's all?!?!

You invested so much in the intro that I thought there were going to be a whole serie of those "incidents" in this 'episode'. Besides, the movie goes too slow, and it's not original at all. Changing the characters won't change the concept we all know from Warner Bros. Try harder.

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2.90 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2003
1:18 PM EST
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