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Predator Kills Dude

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Author Comments

A predator kills a Colonial Marine, but not too much action, just gore

-Tell me what I should change or keep the same. I will listen to you and change it. Then I will update it.

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it was okay..

i'd recommend keepingthe "KILL" button but instead of going right to the somewhat funny kill, go to a list of ways to kill him(i.e, slash/stab to death, netgun, speargun, disc, etc.) and give it more sounds related to the Predator(you can get them from an AvP game's Program Files), and also make a better background. No offense, but i don't think an Apple Tree would be good for a Predator flash, maybe a box office poster for a Predator or Alien movie, or you can draw a background from Aliens(or draw somewhere from the Predator's base) and if you need it, I'll be glad to help you with it
-Gothboy88 X)-(X


I liked it the first time but If you had different weopons it would be better. As stated below you could try to get a noise similar to the plasma caster noise. Also different body parts in targeting would be better.

Short, sharp, mildly amusing.

Reviews ought not to be pointlessly offensive to point out flaws. Yes there could've been improvements, but I'm not one to nitpick when all you intend is to get a little laugh.....well smirk.

It's good for a 'one shot' play, but any more can become a bit boring.

Perhaps for the next version you could have the player target body parts and blow them off individually, acompanied by some amusing whining from the dude.

alright...now explain...

1 : the plasma caster makes a noise....why didn't it?

2 : his head would have been blown off...and i don't think the tip of it would have been the only thing that was damaged...

3 : his head fell off instead of insenerating...or get blown into mushy remains of a head...

4 : his blood puddled all around his entire body within one second...how is that possible?

5 : why did you creat a flash with so many flaws to make me make this reveiw stating that this flash is not good within the catigories of Sound,Violence,and Humor?

Please answer some of give off a logical explination...if not...then i'll assume that you lack the intelect to comprehind these five flaws you've made...


so repetetive and retarded, yet so funny, fall ovver and die, stand up, fall over and die, stand up.

Credits & Info

2.21 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2003
6:55 PM EST