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Pursuasion is a minimalist-style animation adapted from a film I recently completed. The film was digitized, then taken into flash and manipulated to create this masterpiece. Turn up your sound and Enjoy! Don't hesitate to leave a review after viewing.


if instead of

+++ Liked the style of the graphics in some ways. I like simplified stuff.
I assume though they were traced?

-- Though when we see the girl's face, it doesn't fit so well. Also, I'm not too keen on when we see her boot... I just prefer it when you have the outline and nothing else, I guess.

+++ I like the ending of the story. A short twist. Slightly predictable but well delivered.

++++ Sounds are great. Fit well. Make the atmosphere you're after.

++ Short and sweet.

Really cool story. I think the graphics could be nicer though. Maybe if instead of just tracing round the lines, you used the white to pick up highlights, you could get some nice effects...

((( NICE )))

Hey that was cool, kinda short, i really love that you used white drawings instead of black, and the story was perfect and true in some cases, nice work it is decent work...



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Good stuff.

Adnanymous, you're wasting your time trying to get through to a feces sniffer like bOOmertheChunky back there. He's a "net persona" and is probably still looking in the dictionary for the word "diligent" that you used in your response.
"Net egos" like himself are no talent, whining wannabe, assholes that are tough talk behind a keyboard but who would wet their pants in real life if actually confronted 1 to 1. The best response to his kind, is no response, for that is exactly what he wants. At least someone RESPONDED to his pitiful ass, actually talked back to him, even if to cut him down, that wouldn't happen in his real world where he is just ignored, kind of like a bothersome mosquito. So keep up the good work and when one of these no talent lamers takes a shot, just laugh it off. Oh and you may want to pray for them, this is the only life they HAVE.

Im with the_almighty_one on this

This is a lame ass atemped at what ever the fuck u call white lines on a black background. This piece of shit took forever to load considering it isn't even 1 mb in size.It does suck more balls then BS, but it also sucks a lot of ass and especially cock, in fact if this shitty douche of a flash had a mouth it would be full of cock.It would only stop sucking the sausage to swallow the immense amount of wiener grease and because it loves it so much it would be yearning for more warm gooey jizz seconds after.

Adnanymous responds:

Wow. You probably exerted more energy into writing that review than I did to create that animation. As stated in the description, this was an adaptation of the movie Pursuasion. I intended to create an animation, which displayed its basic essence with MINIMAL visuals. Since you are a Newgrounds member solely for the benefit of indulging your feeble mind with gore and tits, this flash animation would not quench your immature thirst. My advice, not that you asked for it, would be to take it for what it is…a short animation with a unique and simple style; you might also start considering using that diligent energy evident in your review to create. For those of you who appreciate experiencing established artists pave new territories, I'm sure you'll appreciate Pursuasion.

wtf were u thinking

WHAT THE HELL WERE U ON WHEN U MADE THIS SHIT!!! to all the ng viewers, blam this piece of shit, i dont even know how this has such a high rating, IT SUCKS MORE BALLS THAN BRITTNEY SPEARS!!!

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3.35 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2003
4:29 PM EST
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