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.:Bob's World:.

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Author Comments

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Hey everyone! I found this on my computer, it is old! By old I mean way before Lonesoul episode 1, around the time of TN3Deluxe. I'm submitting it for it's redeeming values.

This movie was an experiment. It is purely symbollic. Every single object and thing in this movie had a hidden meaning behind it and all of the meanings combine to form a greater meaning in the end.

I know there are a lot of viewers here who like random violence and carnage, if you are one of those people, this is not for you. This movie is for all the intelligent intellectuals on newgrounds, if you guys want, I can give you an extensive description of what everything in this movie means, but I want to see who can figure it out first!

Enjoy, and remember it's old! If you're not the type for this kind of thing, go watch Lonesoul: episode 2. Explosions. Glass Breaking. Robots. Nuff' said!

I'm sure this movie will yield some interesting reviews...:)

After you watch, read this:
***********The True Meaning*************

Bob's world represents the concept of a perfect world. It is only blue, a calm colour, and natural untainted earth. It is innocent and flawless.

When Bob arrives here, he doesn't know how he got here so he just floats around. He only arrived in this perfect world because he is an innocent alien clone with no feelings, thereby no prejudice and no flaw.

The pyramid flying around signifies the power of wisdom and might. The egyptians were a civilisation who left a tremendous mark on our history and invented many things. The pyramid represents their achievements and floats around Bob's world signifying perfect success.

The clock floating around signifies, *drumroll* time. Time cannot exist in a perfect world, because time would implicate limits and boundaries, which would not be perfect. The hand stops moving signifying the stopping of time. And the personification of success destroys the clock signifying once again, success.
(no offence to the clockcrew intended!)

The embryonic baby signifies birth into a perfect world. The baby is flawless and without sin when it is born. Humans corrupt children to form imperfect people. Bob throws the baby in the orbit of the hypothetical planet because he believes it is corrupting it when in fact it is only shedding new light, Bob does not wish to corrup the baby so he sends it away...where it is safe.

The $$ Bill symbolizes, money! Some say money is the route of all evil, and money cannot exist in a perfect world. The money transforms into innocent, perfect butterflies (destruction of evil)

The machine symbolizes technology. Technology is innocent, but programmed, can be evil. The machine attempts to kill Bob, but since evil cannot exist in a perfect world, it cancels itself out, destroying the machine.

Inside the pyramid, a glowing light brings memories to Bob's head. He remembers he was a clone and was inserted into this legless shell (signifying the feeling of emptiness many people have, that they are just a light in a shell) Clones are pure in thought, so Bob is purely innocent.

Bob remembers how he got to this perfect world. As he was attacked by the scientist (symbol of evil human intent) The glasses shattered and in the space between a blink and a shard of glass, he passed through the molecules into the perfect dimension that is Bob's World. (This symbolizes minute perfection in every individual thing)

At the end the world destroys itself, because as it brought upon it's own creation, it brings upon it's own destruction. Perfection is impossible, and the ultimate truth of this movie is revealed:

Nothingness is the only true perfection. Nonexistance is perfection.

And that is the meaning of Bob's world!

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Nice thoughts

I gave you 8, for the moral, storyline and animation
keep the sound normal or static, don't keep switching between the two.
This was good. Of course, nothing is perfect...

Well thought out

Very nice work there. I stumbled on this by accident...maybe it's a sign! :)...NEway, I really liked this. If the graphics had been a bit clearer, I think I would have gotten more out of this, but the story was great.
Nothing is perfect. hmmmm...not even the egyptians were forever. gooooooooood tie in.


this was a bit to heavy for me to cope with intirely but i get the whole idea about "a perfect world" and the lonelyness but ... the music kept uh i guess getting static cause it was fine but it kept going in and out of static.


I liked this a lot. The animation wasn't the best, but the substance of the movie more than made up for it. It was very calming too, I haven't slept for a while and my eyelids got a bit heavy while watching (not from boredom). Nice job.

adam-p89 responds:

Thanks a lot, glad it helped you. Did you read the meaning of it on the movie page?

awesome again

before i even read it,
knowing you it would be something
extremelly symbolic.
great Job there,
and to think I never even knew
you had flash in real life....

adam-p89 responds:

Haha you didn't? Thanks! I use Flash 5 by the way, it's awesome and more simpler than MX, you should use it too!

Credits & Info

3.76 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2003
9:29 PM EST