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Mar 10, 2003 | 4:03 PM EST

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Author Comments

badger comes in his third instalment, this is basically like the last 2 but the graphics are a shit load better!
they preloader may or may not work, if it doesnt, rewind or right click and press play or something.
have fun!

ps, i did actually make this from the flash kit tutorial, not just download it! see badger 1 if u dont believe me



Rated 2 / 5 stars

Nice try!

No offence but it was kind of crappy but hopefully u can make a better one!


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Simply awful

WTF is this game? A radioactivive badger who kills mices and evades meteors?What a crap of game.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

this is garbage. a waste of space on newgrounds.

why would you make something like this? it's horrible. the music doesn't even work right. eg. i start game, go into instructions, press back, music played twice? garbage. just stop making these please.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

not worth anyones time

Amazing, you decide to release a whole different game becuase you somewhat updated graphics and added useless radioactive symbols. . . .

Graphics- Still terrible. Still look like shit. So you've added some arbitrary, out of place looking, animations. The city does actually look like a city, unfortunately it's floating on blueness, with no sign of actual ground, plus it's just a copy and paste version of itself. the cars are tiny, terrible looking, and almost overlooked due to the fact that there's so much other clutter on the screen.

Sound- First time through, the sound came off as annoying but bearible, specially if you get into a groove. Second time round the old sound loop glitch showed up. For god's sake, it's called beta testing, you play your own bloody game and fix errors. . . (for those saying to turn off speakers, that's not the point, it's in the game, so it's reviewed)

Interactivity- disappointing, no additions since the first game, same bare minimum requirements to actually make it a game, same dodgy hit detection.

Style- Highscores, different levels, bosses, powerups, these words mean anything to you? I had so much hope that you'd added powerups when I saw those radiactive symbols, nope, just clutter.

Violence- kill mice with lazer, see them crumble into mousey nothingness, yeah real great

Humour- same old background, different setting, still nothing explaining anything, nor any real humour, though not neccessary in a shooter

Overall- !0! It's nothing new, it's a graphics update with nothing adressing the glitches and bugs found in the first game, no added ideas, not worth anyones time. Next time (and I hope there ISN'T a next time) try playing the game yourself before submitting it. And oh yeah, fix the errors you already know about

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not bad, but does need some work

This game isn't god-awful, just bug ridden. The graphics aren't bad, although they do have some problems. The controls were responsive, if a little slow, and the game was fairly addicting and very easy to figure out.

However, there were some major bugs. First, there's the sound loop, which should take ten seconds for everyone to figure out. The fix is as simple as turning your speakers off, people. I mean, the sound isn't that great to begin with. Other than that, you can hide offscreen, which makes you invincible, and if you just hold down CTRL for continuous fire it won't kill the mice, they'll just keep respawning.

I don't know much about flash code, so I can't really help you, but those are the bugs that I could find on my couple of playthroughs.