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A Clockwork Orange 01

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Announcement: There is current work of a remake to parts 1 & 2 of my Clockwork spoof. The remake will also contain the long overdue parts 3 & 4. Look out for it when I finally get off my lazy ass and finish it.

Watch Alex as he goes looking for a bit of the ultra-violence in this spoof to Stanley Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange".

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This flash is a real horrorshow.


I'm a big fan of Clockwork Orange, and it's so cool you had patience to make the whole thing.

hmmmmmmmmmmm funny

i like a clock work orange the movie i like alsotebooke but this is funny and like the way you made this


its nothing like the movie and the masks are retarded but it was alright.
maybe a bit mor movement would be better in it and i didnt really find it that funny.
good effort though

It only makes sense if your a fan so it was good

It was a decent flash, better then anything I could do. There is one problem though. I watched the film ( actual real film ) yesturday for the first time, then again today and noticed the second time that all 4 gang members have makeup on. I can't remember there names but the overweight guy had lipstick on. Ofcourse Alex has the one eye fake eyelash thing going on. Another guy has A full black eye ( the opposite side to Alex's eye ) and the last guy has yellow above his left eye. But otherwise this was a cool film

EricSullivan responds:

Well, being that this is a parody of a satire, I think it's alright to not make it exactly like the movie... otherwise, what would be the point, other then doing an animated recreation of "A Clockwork Orange"?

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Mar 10, 2003
8:24 AM EST