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This is a half-comedy, half-serious cartoon, so don't expect to be laughing your ass off. Try to see it for what it is.

UPDATE: DON'T READ THIS IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY SEEN THE MOVIE, IT WILL RUIN IT FOR ANYONE WHO THINKS. I really didn't want to do this although I knew I would have to in the end. It seems many people don't understand the concept (non-coincidentally, these people are all about 15). So...
The beginning shot depicts a happy light hearted character in a positive environment. HIS POSITIVE, HAPPY SPIRIT AKA THE SAPPY, HAPPY BIRD (i can't believe people missed this...) soars high until noticed by oppressors. After being shot down, the character is now bitter (shown through having a dark black bird & dead surroundings), but yet his spirit soars. after he has vengeance, things return to normal, as shown by the sky slowly turning light again from dark. THERE ALL SPELLED OUT FOR EVERYONE. I guess I just gave to much credit to the intelligence of people. My mistake.


Very nice work here

This was a good story, you showed lots of heart in this one, the characters could use some work such as more human likeness where the legs seemed very short for the bodies its all in practice, but with that said nice work here

Good story


Moral of the story...

If you're evil, no one can fuck with you... I have a friend who would like this movie.

dude, that fuckin kicked ass

that was just really fucking cool man,

I honestly don't understand why people dont get it

If you don't get this, you're just like the rest of them and that's just what they want.There are people wwith the strings and they are to scared to lose grip so they tighten 'em even more, but you don't know it if you don't stand out.
But when you try to do your own thing, be your own person, that's when they make themselves known, and that's when you are the person in the movie.
Props to the maker; hardcore for life
And about the rating; it's about what it means, not how it looks.

Cheers from Holland

Weird wing flaps sound for the happy bird

The crow ate the bomb ...that was unpredictable.

I like the concept that negative people will have a negative influence on the others.

Your graphics are all right , but your sound are kindof weird, was that part of the concept ?

Anyway, GJ.

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3.26 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2003
1:10 PM EST
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