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Comet Magnum Episode 4

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This episode deals with the very deep subject of religion. For the people of these galaxies, religion is reguarded as a myth and there is no evidence on who created life so many don't think about it. So don't be surprised if this little cult has some odd ceremonies. This episode has solid action and a good plot (not great, but still pretty good). I also added another new character for later episodes as well.

Special thanks to the Newgrounds Audio Portal for this excellent soundtrack.


not bad not bad

well. the graphics sucked. but i really liked your story. i had to laugh though..."but first, the human sacrifice" its like "in other news...." lol
anyways. pretty enjoyable. you should think about writing and getting someone else to do your animation though.


Wow another great effort dude, good work with the graphics and sound it is really well done

Not that great an episode

Log 4: 6:04PM

This episode felt forced and a little weak. Perhaps if you started adding some different elements in the mix, besides just giving him a job and price at the beginning.

The religious tone to this episode was also awkward and felt out of place. The cult people were not very well done

And how did CM take 3 bullets to the chest, then kill everyone without any sort of medical attention. Did he have his invisible bullet vest? I hope this is as low as the CM series goes.

Do these guys come back later?

All of the episodes have the same endings, CM or some other guy just burstin in and Starts actin like a trigger happy maniac!

#2 and #3 best so far

Each one is different, but follows the same theme.

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3.70 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2003
5:03 PM EST
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