Zelda, T.B.F.T. part two

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watch this movie until the replay button appear please.this is part two of my last movie Zelda the big flyin' thing,I have compressed the audio to the maximum but the filesize is still big because of the fighting scene music so 56K will have to wait very long.i'm not sure if I am going to make a sequel cuz it take a lot of my time and I feel a little sleepy.please write ton of review cuz I like review and don't forget to vote, you must watch part one before this one cuz maybe you will not understand all the jokes. If you find any problem please report it to me(broken preloader or useless button).finally, try to find the easter egg(the easter egg as porn in it and it's very easy to find).the movie is 3 minute long and it took me four day to make, enjoy.
.:UPDATE:.-- Wow, daily 3rd place thanks everyone

.:UPDATE:.-- sorry for all the people that enjoyed this movie but finally i will not make a sequel

.:UPDATE:.-- guess wut! i think i will do the sequel, that's what people want, and i have no other idea, i should begin workin on it in june


Gret sequal

it's great and just to let you know there is no nudity (thank god) so fix your rating it was Gr8

Greatest easter egg EVER!!!!

Imaginative, naughty, and well hidden! Good job! Oh the movie itself was nice too. I will fight tooth and nail to see to it this stays on NG. Excelent work. The second best part was the chicken getting smashed. DIE YOU #$%@EN CHICKEN!!!! DIE!

Die chicken!!!!! why wont you fucking die!!!!!!!!!

The big flying thing is just a........... who fucking cares! My favorite part is the scene in the house (you probably know why, zoom in on the magazine).................................................. ................................................No im not a pervert you fucking basterds!

Die! damn chicken.

Very cool and funny

Ha, i liked the chicken when he kept getting sqished by bolders even though they got outside... i also liked Link in both episodes, and when he farted in the fake Link's face... very cool...

this is funny.

whats up with the chicken? anyway this is good.

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3.86 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2003
12:27 AM EST
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 3rd Place March 7, 2003