The Stalker

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Okay here it is. I took everyone's advice and have made this a better flash. I cut down on the song so this flash isn't nearly as large now. I also fixed the audio sync with the video and fixed the title at the end. Plz enjoy and if you want, compare it to the original, The Stalker.


Needs more work.

First, improve your style and add more blood.

Second, please use colors to liven your atmosphere.

Last, this movie is uninteresting. Why didn't you add something more entertaining to the plot.

Alright, CBB

Not a bad movie, but could do with being longer, and with a bit more graphical prowess. Having said that, it was ok, as it didn't take to long to load.

((( DECENT )))

Ok well notbad, could use some backrounds, it was rather short, and wouldnt mind seeing more, nice work...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: A final, of a thriller...


is it just me .....

is it just me ... or does the stalker look like the black spy from spy vs. spy stole the white spy's clothes? ... anyway .... good job

Not enough difference.

I did watch the original movie, and thought it was an okay flash. There is only one noticable difference in this version, in the scene where he jumps upward at the beginning. The new effect is good, but it is not enough to warrant the new title. You should have just gone into your profile and updated the existing movie, then add what you did into the author's comments. I'm not trying to bash on you, just saying that it could use work. I'm glad that you actually listen to reviewers, so ignore any asswads who write reviews like "this sux fuc u fagott". They need to give helpful feedback. I did enjoy it for what it is. I don't rate based on length, I rate based on content. I'm gonna give this a 3 in the official vote, but I think it has the potential to be a 4. I hope to see improvements on this, and if you need any more suggestions, just e-mail me. Thanks for listening to my rambling. Bye!

KaleDuro responds:

Thank you for your concern. I didn't think to just update it, but i will next time. What is your e-mail Zakiel???
I'm interested in getting your suggestions on improvements. THX

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2.92 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2003
8:55 PM EST
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