photosynthetic response

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Nothing special just a time-lapse video of some Indian Headress Plants, Genus: Teras Macrophyllum, on planet Effete.
It's for a biological study on photosynthetic activity on plants from various planets in nearby solar systems.
It's not very exciting but it does provide a rare glimpse of the 36 hour sunset on Effete.



Dude you are the king of effects and flash.


wow wow you you suck suck.this this movie movie sucks sucks.You you should should not not make make any any more more movies movies!!

Ranxx responds:

And yet it's 2x better than your movies. You can x your movies by zero and always get the same number. Now that's impressive.

Pretty sweet....

I know they're plants and all, but maybe a little quicker motion/smoother animation could help for submital. Maybe some trippy flashes or something to go with the great graphics and music? Overall, very nice. You got a 4!

Ranxx responds:

Thanks. Yeah, that's good advice.

((( NICE )))

Nice must have tooken you awhile, cause the was great, and the music was different but great for the film, i set to low quality cause my comp was not handling too well, nice designs though, all tthe teists and turns was cool, hope to see more soon...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: A unique design with awsome music...


Ranxx responds:

Thanks. It really didn't take too long to make because all the movement is done in actionScript. In fact most of the objects are reproductions of the same object. I just concocted some simple maths loops and let it go.
It probably took me longer to make the music than it did the graphics.

Techno Groovy

LOVE this submission. I like to put it on and turn up the music and roll a fat one.
At first I tried to figure out some sort of meaning, and then I said to myself, "Self! Not everything HAS to mean something." After that, I grooved.
Do more shite like this and I'll visit more often.

Ranxx responds:

Oh it has meaning and even groove. g.
Thanks main.

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2.68 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2003
4:49 PM EST
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