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im a n00b, but you have to admit theres some humour to this.. dont rate it 2 low cos you know it doesnt deserve it

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I haev found it! The father of tricky! I have searched for years to find this flash! and finally, I HAVE!


Tricky aside, this is a kick-ass animation. But of course, Tricky makes it 10/10.

*PLEASE* set up a website or something so we can see the origional again. Or post it again to Newgrounds. I'm sure with your fans like Synj, Krinkels, and the ClockCrew you can resubmit it and it would stick.

Tricky's a great icon to this site, and you should get all hells loads of kudos. Bravo.

Kinda of a cute little movie.

I did'nt think the inventor of tricky the clown actually had a movie pass judgement.

I thought the movie was good for a mild laugh but the animation was kinda choppy.

Overall 3/10


That was the coolest dancing stick ive ever seen!


Hehehe, that was neat. THe dancing was really funny. Music was good too. Not bad for a noobs first flash. I cant get enough of it, its soo cool! Hehe, Tricky was dancing. I loved it. Excellent work. Keep it up!