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Uniwar LC

rated 3.42 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - First Person

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Mar 5, 2003 | 11:54 PM EST
  • Daily 2nd Place March 6, 2003

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Author Comments

Update: The Fash 8 version of the game has been deleted and the old submission (this one) has been overwritten with the Flash 8 version. That way there's only one version of Uniwar LC on here. Also the link to the readme is no longer available. Sorry.

Has any body noticed the console in uniwar? Uniwar is the very first flash game to have a very interactive console :) heres a hint, if you beat the game, you'll get some console commands that allow you to "cheat" in the game...enjoy

aml51z(Alex Lefkowitz):
doomhammr (Bryan Fox)
remember, both Alex and Bryan created this game, it was a split project!

People have been having trouble on this game, seems to be too hard for the average person, I would like to thank ManekiNeko for creating this detailed guide to beating Uniwar LC:
In the normal game, where you have to blow up 30 enemies, you're basically dealing with four different types of enemies -- two that look like tie-fighters and move in a diagonal "X", two that spin and fire at you, three that descend and attack and one that just flies by before being chased by one of your allies.

The easiest ones to get points on are the two that move diagonally down the screen, as they don't fire at you. Shoot a second or two ahead of them and you'll score a kill.

If you get hit by the two that spin and fire, try to move out of the way by pulling all the way into a corner until your shields come back. Go after them when your shields are restored.

The three that descend upon you are the most difficult, as you probably won't even get credit for all three (you don't get credit if you cause the ship to go into a spin, and I don't know why. This appears to be a glitch). But you should be able to shoot them twice a piece and get rid of them. Employ a similar strategy if possible to the two that spin and fire at you.

The one that flies by is difficult. You really have to anticipate it going to be there. Timing is everything.

Once you get to 20 kills, you face off against a huge ship. Anyone who's played the old Star Wars video game from 1983 should have a basic strategy down -- fire at the silver missiles with the orange tails first (Make sure you blow them all up. There will usually be three or four total every time the ship appears and goes across the screen), then go after the front of the ship and fire to reduce its shields. This takes some time and is basically nickel and diming the ship to death but it does work. I beat this my third time playing, so I can attest that this CAN be done. Good luck, space jockeys!



Rated 4 / 5 stars


Graphics were kinda chopy, sound wasn't that great, but i haven't seen a space shooter in a long time... next space shooter you make would be cool if it were like combat instinct with the graphics and play. because you can't move around it kinda was crappy but hey


Rated 5 / 5 stars

very well done

This game was very well done. The game could be more fun if it wasnt as Repetitive. Also if you put different weapons in would add a new aspect to the game. I likes the intro. the game is not that diffucult to play so every one else should stop whining. The game some times slows down if you kill to many enemys at one time. But overall well done just needs some variety in it.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

good job!!!!!

I like the intro and I want to see the 2part

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


good game the sonud effects are brilliant could have made the graphics look better but overall a good game


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

pretty well done

yeh i like it gave my speakers a neat work out with great sound! but it does get pretty boring not much variety with the explosions you seem to be doing the same thing over and over again

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