Custom Rides (SM Designs)

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Hey FANS!! I'm working on a major upgrade to come! I've taken many of your suggestions and incorporated them into the next version which will be release in late June!! HOLD ON and keep supporting the game, and I won't let you down! The more support I get from you guys, the greater I will continue to develop this game! I'm busy right now with exams . . .but there is still much to come! Thanks, Steven



add lots more cars options for paint fix the millions of bugs make it much smaller

have the same problem

sort the size out dude!
it ruins what seems to be a nice game.
if it had a better screen size then i'd be able to give a good review

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DOESNT FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The bleedin game doesnt even fit on the screen, i cant change the vehicle. There must have been many more problems like this!

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This is another one of those submissions that really resembles a lot of which a dress up game is. And when you think about it, that isn't a bad thing. The various options you could use in the game provided some depth in terms of variety and it was fun to play around with. It would have been nice to see actually a different type of car in this submission, or several cars, but all in all, not bad.

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Well the screen is just to BIG, and i cannot play the game because wheni scroll, the screen mess's up. Please sort it.

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3.33 / 5.00

Mar 5, 2003
9:33 AM EST
Gadgets - Construction Set