Food Fight!

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After seeing WasabiMilkshake submit his Food Fight movie, I decided I would follow suit.

This is meant to be a parody of Food Fight, a quirky Japanese drama / comedy about the noblest of battles, the eating contest. In it, a young man named Mitsuru is the reigning food fight champion, outeating all in his path. The music featured within is all part of the Food Fight soundtrack, except for the little training session thing. This was submitted as an entry for a Tomato contest, didn't win though.

Food Fight is currently being translated by Sexy Beam Translations (http://sexybeam.net).


Why did you make him a baby Jesus you hypocrites!!

In case you guys didn't notice, that wasn't Mr. T at all, it was a Buddah (If it's spelt that way). Overall this didn't make much sense, almost as much as Monty Python's crappy animations. I have nothing else to say right now.


Draed, I never knew that you had submitted anything to Newgrounds! And it made the "Mr. T Collection" page too! That's just neat.

Actually I have to admit it was incredibly funny

My favorite parts would be im gonna eat you under the table then that guy says that sounds dirty you must pay. Then that dead buddha says that what he said was just a polite way of telling him he is dead was great nice. I have to watch it again.


Dude, *sigh*, that made absolutely no fucking sense. I had an extremely hard time trying to figure out why the fuck Mr. T would even think of doing an eating contest, and even if he did, we're talking about Mr. T here! HE CAN'T LOSE AT ANYTHING! WHY? BECAUSE HE'S MR. T! Nice try, dumbass, but if Mr. T found out that you did this, and god forbid he saw it, he would throw you helluva far!


Awesome story!
When all the food came into Mr. T's mout it was really really awesome and cool , and i wish i were him then:P

Lol how he ate the other sumo player XD
Lol status: budda :D :D

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3.46 / 5.00

Mar 4, 2003
7:41 PM EST
Comedy - Parody