Bush negotiates w/Turkey

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Turkey didn't jump at the chance to get $24billion to help the US wage war on Iraq. Maybe they're just tough negotiators.

Wow! Front page. Very cool. Thanks NG.

I've enjoyed all the feedback. Interesting how the really low scores and pretty high scores come in waves. Maybe five of each then it switches over. For all you fools who can't spell "ths tottaly suked yu have no tilint" I don't worry much about your opinions. When you can spell or post a better flash file, I'll listen.

I have a ton more stuff up at www.thesodajerks.com

So yes I did this super fast. I know the art's sloppy. That's partly me working fast and partly wanting to try a new style. A bit of Dr. Katz jittery stuff. It was a fun experiment. But if you check some of my other submissions like Austin Powerpuff or Clone Controversy, you'll see a tighter cleaner mmore normal animation style.

I was worried about my voice characterization of Gul. I've never heard him speak and don't know what a Turkish accent is. I sort of modified an Indian accent but I was afraid it ended up a bit Jamaican sounding.

So I really appreciate the Turkish guy who said I nailed the accent and it was not offensive.

Peace - Thanks


Funny and stylish

Great artwork, I loved the style. Very "ironical"-(Bush-ism)


Man, Bush IS that stupid, i'm an American...and I really want Bush to die...Ohhh...and one more thing....never admit to being Canadian.....Because...we all know Canada sucks...Canda should be renamed America Jr. Because that's all it is.....Like America...but...still not as good.

it is so true

ok look i'm canadian and i hate bush all you americans who give bad reviews of this movie should go to hell you know you hate bush why don't you just confess.


The movie was OK...Putting down Bush...(yawn)...anything else new?

Now...not about the movie...

Oil?! How can people say this war is about oil? If it were, we'd drop Neutron bombs on Iraq*

*Nuetron bombs kill people...but don't destroy buildings.

We found VX and Anthrax in Iraq...you won't hear that on CNN...but we did...another reason we're going after Iraq. Saddam must be destroyed. Why? Because he beheads any knowledgable women in his country. Why? Because he kills entire families if one person opposes him.

I won't be surprised if we find bombs written in French in Iraq, either. There is no doubt that France is selling Iraq weapons...of course they are.

These protestors are Anti-American, not Anti-War. If they continue this once we go into Iraq, it should be considered Treason, in my P.O.V. But who am I? I'm just another nobody with an opinion, oh well. Had to get it out somewhere.

Oh! And here's a prediction "The Democratic Party will be gone in 20 years." Watch!

They're losing every vote! Because they're the racist party! They're the "name callers", and they're the ignorant party!

Thank you :-)

Had it's moments

I wasn't thoroughly impressed. Multiple reasons come to mind. The graphics look hastily drawn. That by itself doesn't make a bad flash. (can anyone say Johnny Rocketfingers?)

How about the dollar amounts? Ok, first off, in your flash, Turkey asked for $62 billion, then you mysteriously changed the amount to $64 billion when the Turkish guy talked about financing.

I did like how you made it seem like a used car was being sold, and I give you points for that. Fine tune your graphics and you'll seriously be making great flash in the future.

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Mar 3, 2003
6:30 PM EST
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