Bush negotiates w/Turkey

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Turkey didn't jump at the chance to get $24billion to help the US wage war on Iraq. Maybe they're just tough negotiators.

Wow! Front page. Very cool. Thanks NG.

I've enjoyed all the feedback. Interesting how the really low scores and pretty high scores come in waves. Maybe five of each then it switches over. For all you fools who can't spell "ths tottaly suked yu have no tilint" I don't worry much about your opinions. When you can spell or post a better flash file, I'll listen.

I have a ton more stuff up at www.thesodajerks.com

So yes I did this super fast. I know the art's sloppy. That's partly me working fast and partly wanting to try a new style. A bit of Dr. Katz jittery stuff. It was a fun experiment. But if you check some of my other submissions like Austin Powerpuff or Clone Controversy, you'll see a tighter cleaner mmore normal animation style.

I was worried about my voice characterization of Gul. I've never heard him speak and don't know what a Turkish accent is. I sort of modified an Indian accent but I was afraid it ended up a bit Jamaican sounding.

So I really appreciate the Turkish guy who said I nailed the accent and it was not offensive.

Peace - Thanks


Good job

But I have to agree with Xito's review (because everyone insults him because he hates America) => just look 3 pages further for his review. he gets insulted for his spellign which does not count because that does not make his opinion less worthy don't you think? Anyway he said he was happy with 09-11, I don't agree with that btw :p But the other facts he used did make sense. I also hate Americans, with a few exceptions. But if an American starts with BS like, I'm christian boohoo, I'm prudish and you are from Europe you bad I'm good because we're a rich nation and you are no better than the taliban because you don't support Bush. LoL! Americans who are like that get laughed at in Europe and believe me we Europeans weren't that "anti-American" (I'm no anit-American I just hate the typical ones the ones we are ignorant and the ones who still judge things of which they don't know a single thing => liek Europe is old and America at least is democratic and has freedom while France was declared land of the free before the US was and you are allowed to do more in Europe) 2 years ago it's just because of Bush and some blind victims of "the beauty of patriotism". I just wanted to say that Xito DID make a point while I never agreed with him before, I do now halfwise because I find him a bit extreme especially when he talked about 09-11. But for the rest he's right, believe me the most of us Europeans think like that, because we beleive in peace and not in fanatism, "one nation under God" crap, God = America, America won it's wars thanks to God blah blah blah... Hehe

There are luckely nice Americans who get all my respect but almost 50% if the US can kiss my A$$... And if I'm wrong then go visit http://www.churchusa.com/ and go to the chatrooms my friends and I often visit it because almost all Christian Americans over there are retarded, childish and blind. And they say Europe is old and think I get offended by that and then I call America prudish without giving a reaction about their insult about Europe and they ban me LoL pretty funny you should visit it, that also goes for the nicer non-christian Americans, just go for it!

P.S.: I even got banned from that chat for saying that homosexuals are allowed to get married over here :( pretty sick, because they also deserve respect. European Christians mostly respect them, so what's their problem?

PEACE, Denny from Belgium (a proud European)

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Not bad

Bush is a complete idiot. Only he would waste 64 billion dollars to have a base in Turkey, when the ocean is good enough. I hope Bush's head explodes.

There was an idiot who said "Bush is the best president yet." Unto him I say "What in the fuck have you been smoking?" No seriously I want to know. Then when I find out, I can make sure no one makes it ever again, cause it makes people stupid beyond all reason.

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you all dont know what you are talking about george bush is the best president yet!

he really is that dumb

hes so stupid this could be true.great job its very funny!


You got me laughing. Liked the Bush voice... very good.

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