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CKY- call to a porn shop

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I did not make the prank call someone out of CKY did, so I'm not trying to take credit from someone else. Previously I have made movies with a filesize of 300k that have had reviews with all 0's by someone just because they said it didnt load. If it doesnt load its not my fault and 300k is not a lot, I realise this file is more than 300k and is quite a lot but I still think its unfair to blam a movie just because it has a long loading time and sometimes 'doesnt load' its not my fault.I hope you enjoy and please give feedback.

The movie actually loads now and fixing the problem caused the file size to drop from 2,545kb to 195kb, yay!


(title in work)

That was pretty pointless. You just put the sound clip on with a static background. I would have expected an animation to this or something, but it was really just the sound clip. Unfortunately the visuals don't offer anything, so I can't rate this any higher. Please add animation next time.


hahaha.. that shit was funny.. im still laughing lmfao

Strange But Slightly Funny...

Yeah..... That's What I Said... Not the Best Thing Ever...

Majin Phoenix.
Second Ruler of the Saiyajan Race.

Sory man

I can't give you anythiing cause the movie never loaded.

no preloader?

you must be really stupid blaming people for not seeing your movie. take it as criticism instead and try to fix it. me myself couldn't see it either. first tried it in explorer but nothing happened. then I tried it in opera and opera told me it was loading until it hit 500k or something. then it stopped. not really sure it's your fault though... it might be and it might not be. but this is the first flash film on ng that has started to load for me and suddenly just stopped...

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2.57 / 5.00

Mar 3, 2003
11:28 AM EST
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