The State of Evil

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What if George W. Bush had made the case against Iraq at the State of the Union Address? A satirical revisitation of W's speech on the Axis of Evil and the War on Terror.

1. It's about 10 mins long ... sorry plot development. If you have too short of an attention span to wait for the payoff, well it's your loss. You'll be missing snipers and Bambi's stunt double and a hard-drinkin Dick Cheney with a snowboard (oh my!) otherwise.

2. This is Political Humor. It is nuanced and involved. If you consider "Political Humor" to be an oxymoron, much like the phrases "Deafening Silence" or "Military Intelligence" then you're not going to enjoy this. Save your time and move on to another movie.

3. If you have the profession in your profile listed as "Terrorist Hunter" or you consider FoxNews to represent the zenith of journalism (and not another oxymoron), then you're not going to like this either. i don't hate you but surely you will have issue with me and this piece. Likewise, save your time and move on to any of the myriad terrorist shoot-em-ups, and jingoistic films on this site, so you can work out some of that misplaced rage.

4. If you're still here after all of those warnings. Good luck and happy watching.


Very good and intelligent

This is a great piece of work, you have no childish humor in this flash, it is all of a very mature and witty level. I thought the entire buildup was really ingenious and funny, I dunno if you got that idea from somewhere else it was that good. Its radical but its not, its pretty on the tact I think, this basically sums up most of what Bush is trying to do, or what he is doing I should say.

It was 10 minutes but I found myself watching all of it, somehow, I'm fucking ADD and I watched this, so that's a good sign, good job my friend.

Amusing Build-Up, At Least...

First, I have to ask you... what happened to warning #4? Did it get fired for telling the Iraqis that their regime was winning the war? Oh, no, sorry. That was Peter Arnett for MSNBC.

Everything here definitely is solid. You have a basis for your humor, and if nothing else, an eye for detail. It's actually pretty funny in some spots.

Unfortunately, this flash isn't going to do anything but lose people. Though the characters are very distinguishable, the graphics are pretty rough and difficult to look at. The voices need a whole pile of work as well... was that George W. Bush, or Gary Oldman as Zorg in "The Fifth Element?"

I don't think anybody sees Fox News as the Zenith of all journalism, but the fact that you take a shot at them (as all liberals do when nobody's looking) pretty much shows the radical point of view that you have. Instantly, everybody knows where you stand and that you are not a neutral or objective thinker. In all honesty, 30% of the people who view this are going to be able to relate to you in one way or another, while half of that will agree with you completely.

I'm sure there's a job waiting for you at the New York Times.

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Link7 responds:

See, now i can appreciate this one. It was constructive, even if it didn’t agree with the movie as such. i thank you for your input. Certainly i agree with you on the audio. i’m only one person and my vocal range is not as resplendent as i would like it to be. And on the other hand i do agree with you on the roughness of certain parts of the animation. For example the gallery shot where Epi is scratching her head: that makes me cringe. But i had already spent a month of evenings and weekends on the piece. Also, understanding that this was my first effort, i realized i would get better with time. [There are not enough hours in the day.]

As a note, future animations will be drastically shorter. This will be more for my benefit than anything else. For example, the next one i’m working on will be a little over a minute.

Without tipping my hat too much, i love that this reviewer is from the Technology Corridor in Northern Virginia—within shouting distance of The District. OK, he’ll have to get on I-66 for a while, but nonetheless he’s close enough.

Other things: Yes the humor is rather inside The Beltway. And largely i consider the NYT to be centrist. Sure they have the occasional liberal bursts, but really they’re not the pinko, commie, traitors the Ann Coulter would have people believe.


I waited for it to download. I watched it for 10 minutes. I seen more wit from sesimee street. It's not funny man, and I hate the whole oxymoron thing too as all of them seem to make sense to me. Deafing Silence, where the surroundings are so quite your deafened by thoughts and ringing in your ears. Military Intelligence is what you call taking action against murderous slavemonger's who promote mass rape and murder.

Link7 responds:

i respectfully dismiss this review on a few grounds. 1) Though certainly not to the level of virulence that has been present in prior reviews, this reviewer would likely fall under the provisos 2 and/or 3 i laid out in the warnings. [i do appreciate the reviewer's patience in sitting through it though]. As such this low rating is based more on passion than evaluation of the relative technical merits or an understanding of the subject matter.

This leads me to the next issue. 2) The three prominent spelling errors reinforce that this (as with many of the more insipid reviews below--this reviewer was comparatively an erudite Nobel laureate in the review) was written out of passion rather than any objective thought. Though i do not agree with the boldly jingoistic toons on this site i will not blam them outright, as i appreciate the effort involved in making a Flash animation--for one--and understand the importance of varied opinion for (hopefully) intelligent discourse. If the animator has skills then i’ll give her or him props, even if i do not agree with the message. Amazingly though this reviewer gave me a 1 (probably quite by accident and to her or his disappointment).

And finally i would have to address one more issue. 3) The lack of a public profile makes me value a reviewer’s opinion less. Sorry, i’m sticking my neck out here. It’s only fair that a reviewer do the same. This would seem to go double for armchair Flash critics who haven’t ever made anything themselves. Though i do value the opinions of those who haven’t created, as Flash isn’t exactly free, i value the opinions of those who have slaved over their computers more.

Well Done!

This wasn't the funniest thing ever....but was close to it! I love the scapegoating of the trees...hehe.

Keep up the good work dude!

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That sucked, I also turned it off half way through and...meh, that just plain sucked.

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Mar 2, 2003
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