The State of Evil

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What if George W. Bush had made the case against Iraq at the State of the Union Address? A satirical revisitation of W's speech on the Axis of Evil and the War on Terror.

1. It's about 10 mins long ... sorry plot development. If you have too short of an attention span to wait for the payoff, well it's your loss. You'll be missing snipers and Bambi's stunt double and a hard-drinkin Dick Cheney with a snowboard (oh my!) otherwise.

2. This is Political Humor. It is nuanced and involved. If you consider "Political Humor" to be an oxymoron, much like the phrases "Deafening Silence" or "Military Intelligence" then you're not going to enjoy this. Save your time and move on to another movie.

3. If you have the profession in your profile listed as "Terrorist Hunter" or you consider FoxNews to represent the zenith of journalism (and not another oxymoron), then you're not going to like this either. i don't hate you but surely you will have issue with me and this piece. Likewise, save your time and move on to any of the myriad terrorist shoot-em-ups, and jingoistic films on this site, so you can work out some of that misplaced rage.

4. If you're still here after all of those warnings. Good luck and happy watching.


Animation could have been better.

That being said, voices could also use some improvement. (However, I acknowledge you are one person, I am not putting you down, I am suggesting where you could improve the most.) The jokes were OK, I couldn't see him actually saying that but the thought of it was so disturbing in was comical (Like 1/2 the stuff on this site). Animation seemed to be recycled a lot and there was little movement by the characters. (Again, just letting you know where you could improve.) I strongly dissagree with your opinions, but I have had enough political arguing for now. I do it all the time (And very frequently win, in real life and online), and a review is NOT supposed to be used to argue about this stuff. In the end, I can't change your mind, you DEFINETELY will not change my mind, so in the end it just pisses people off. I watched the entire thing and it did not change very much, most people like to see something happen. (But, I know you were making a point). I would advise putting this on a Liberal site, people there would love it. Just because I dissagree with you doesn't mean I don't think you have the right to laugh at what you consider funny. Lastly, there is a person on NG called TheOther Truth(author of the BUSH BASH SERIES). Look at his movies(I may not like them) but you two would get along PERFECTLY! I hope I will enjoy your next animation more.

not bad

nice very nice


Brilliant--very sly and devious. A different take in the war on antiamericanism (ie election fraud....)

great job!

i read some of the other reviews and have this to say. All of you who hated this open your closed little mind and watch it again. The subtle humor and spoofs were great. Excellent job!

I hope Bush gets voted out,

You Americans deserve better than that 4th grade retarded drop out!. I'm surprised he could even read Locke, Pre Socratic stuff, ect ect ect. I wish you guys better luck next time (if there's still a world in the next 3 years or so left of his term) to vote genetic sludge like that out!

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3.64 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2003
5:53 PM EST
Comedy - Original