Goku SSJ for 1st time

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Wow. Got onto the DBZ Collections! A big THANKYOU to Tom and Wade!
Anyway, work is well underway for my next tribute, watch out for it! ;)

If you liked this animation, please give me a review, I try and reply to them all, so give me a review to let me know what you think, thanks.

Well this is my first submission to newgrounds and my first true animation now don't switch off and blam, cos this is my first animation, this isn't like the crappy first animations most submit! This is fully drawn, and well animated!
I started this in around October and throughout this animation you can see my drawing skills improving.

If you're a DBZ fan you'll LOVE this, if you're a neutral and decide to vote on how well done this is you'll find this to be good, if you hate DBZ and blam anything with DBZ in it then please, leave now.

This was a college project and we were originally supposed to do a storyboard of 4-5 (original or based on a tv show or movie of you choice, I chose a DBZ tribute) scenes and put into Flash and add some sound, smooth animation and tweens, well I done over 50 scenes with many sounds and music and I got a merit (which means I showed initiative and went beyond the set goals that had to be met) pass for this, it really is that good.

This is when Goku turns SSJ for the first time on Planet Namek, this is from the time Krillin gets blown up until the time Goku goes SSJ and Frieza is wondering: WTF?!

The music is from the Japanese and English versions of Dragonball Z. It features the original Jap theme song "Cha-la Head Cha-la" (used as main theme for this animation) by Kageyama Hironobu as well as the SSJ fight theme from the Jap DBZ. The other music is "SSJ Transformation" and "Rock the Dragon" by Bruce Falcouner. There are sound effects for lightning, rocks cracking and wave sounds and I can't remember where I found those, but credit to the creators of them.

OK some specifications for best performance:
If your PC is under 1000MHz or you are running many programs turn down the quality so the music is synched right.
If you computer is 1000MHz or higher then it should run perfectly.

Special Thanks go to John Butler, my 2D animation lecturer for helping me with the preloader and teaching me flash and also Akira Toriyama for creating DBZ!

For info on any upcoming projects and storyboards for this visit http://groups.msn.com/DBZ Flashmovies

Now, on with the show! ENJOY!


what's the point in that?

no creativity, you've just replicated the scene of an actual dragonball z episode, what's the point in that? If i wanted to see him go super saiyan i'd just watch the actualy episode which i've seen 4 times on cartoon network anyway.
Maybe you should give it your own story next time, or do a spoof of it, check out other animations such as lizard sphere x 2, vegeta vs sonic and are you okay, they are actually funny and are original written scripts, you should try it someday.

Barry-the-SuperScot responds:

Did you read the title of this page? Did you read the author's comments? I think the answer to both of these questions is quite obviously no.
Did you engage your brain when you clicked on "watch this movie"?

Telling me to give it my own story then go on about flashes I've already seen (way before you even joined Newgrounds) like your some Newgrounds veteran, then try to use that as a reason to vote low is stupid. Vote on the effort that quite clearly went into this flash.

Maybe you should try reading the author's comments/page titles before getting disappointed and giving a bad review because you didn't bother to read them. Why watch something you know you won't like? It's completely pointless...

nothing new same o same o

nothing new i can watch the samething on cartoon network

Barry-the-SuperScot responds:

Nothing new? Hence the reason this was a tribute, idiot! It'a recreation, do you read "recreation" and expect something you've not seen? Anyway, you can't watch this on Cartoon Network anytime you want, can you? And that's no reason to vote low. You also didn't vote under your profile username which means you probably don't have one and dont know how to even use Flash so your view is worthless!


it was pretty bad. u copied all the dialouge and not very well. however i HAVE seen worse.

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Barry-the-SuperScot responds:

It was bad? And how was this? Did it get to be one of the "CLASSICS of the day", a place on the DBZ collection and get a score of 3.82/5.00 and tons of praise just by chance? Or was it because it was actually a GOOD Flash which had effort put into it? :)
Maybe it's just a case of jealousy? Or just you wanting to be controversial?

And as for dialogue... well, I "copied" it "and not very well"? What? I watched the show and listened to it and wrote down what was said, WORD FOR WORD. How is that "copied" (which it was) yet "not very well" you just contradicted yourself you moron!
It was copied, that's all. Every word was spelt correctly too...

And I'm pretty sure you have seen worse... as am I. I am also pretty sure I've seen better too...

I need not go on about your idiotic scores as I have explained why you, sir, are an idiot.

Now begone, fool!

come on!

That was good and all but if I wanted to see Goku turn into a super sayien I would have watched the cartoon agian.

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Barry-the-SuperScot responds:

Oh dear...
Another cretin enters the fold...
As I have explained to the idiotic types like you before... this is SUPPOSED to be a TRIBUTE.
ie. A remake of the scene in flash. What did you expect in a flash entitled "Goku goes SSJ for 1st time"? Did you expect anything else? Or are you too retarded to realise that?
If you DID realise that would you have wanted to watch if you were going to vote bad? Think about it, I know that may be hard for you, but you should try it sometime.

You thought this was good? If something's good you should vote good, regardless of whether it's a remake or not. If it's quality vote good because of that. But then, you contradict yourself by giving poor scores...
Do you really think graphics deserved a 4 (were they really that bad?), did sound deserve a 3 (Was the music and sound effects poor or something?)?

Do you really think this flash that had a LOT of HARD WORK AND EFFORT put into it deserved an overall of 3? Well no, it didn't to be fair.

You really shot yourself in the foot on that one. Nice one!

Now begone, fool!

wots that abowt?

that was a very bery very very very very very very very very very very very very very dodgy sho. don get it. y cum no sound?

Barry-the-SuperScot responds:

I can't help but laugh at this review.
You lack intelligence, your "review" makes this obvious.
You can't spell for shit, this is also apparent in your "review".

I find it hard to even understand your review because of these 2 factors.
"don get it"? Don't review then you fucktard.
"y cum no sound?" There was sound in it, you even gave it a 4 you moron.

Really, don't review another flash again otherwise you'll further show your fuckstickism.

Now begone, fool!

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3.99 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2003
8:51 PM EST
Comedy - Parody