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Goku SSJ for 1st time

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Comedy - Parody

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Mar 1, 2003 | 8:51 PM EST

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Author Comments


Wow. Got onto the DBZ Collections! A big THANKYOU to Tom and Wade!
Anyway, work is well underway for my next tribute, watch out for it! ;)

If you liked this animation, please give me a review, I try and reply to them all, so give me a review to let me know what you think, thanks.

Well this is my first submission to newgrounds and my first true animation now don't switch off and blam, cos this is my first animation, this isn't like the crappy first animations most submit! This is fully drawn, and well animated!
I started this in around October and throughout this animation you can see my drawing skills improving.

If you're a DBZ fan you'll LOVE this, if you're a neutral and decide to vote on how well done this is you'll find this to be good, if you hate DBZ and blam anything with DBZ in it then please, leave now.

This was a college project and we were originally supposed to do a storyboard of 4-5 (original or based on a tv show or movie of you choice, I chose a DBZ tribute) scenes and put into Flash and add some sound, smooth animation and tweens, well I done over 50 scenes with many sounds and music and I got a merit (which means I showed initiative and went beyond the set goals that had to be met) pass for this, it really is that good.

This is when Goku turns SSJ for the first time on Planet Namek, this is from the time Krillin gets blown up until the time Goku goes SSJ and Frieza is wondering: WTF?!

The music is from the Japanese and English versions of Dragonball Z. It features the original Jap theme song "Cha-la Head Cha-la" (used as main theme for this animation) by Kageyama Hironobu as well as the SSJ fight theme from the Jap DBZ. The other music is "SSJ Transformation" and "Rock the Dragon" by Bruce Falcouner. There are sound effects for lightning, rocks cracking and wave sounds and I can't remember where I found those, but credit to the creators of them.

OK some specifications for best performance:
If your PC is under 1000MHz or you are running many programs turn down the quality so the music is synched right.
If you computer is 1000MHz or higher then it should run perfectly.

Special Thanks go to John Butler, my 2D animation lecturer for helping me with the preloader and teaching me flash and also Akira Toriyama for creating DBZ!

For info on any upcoming projects and storyboards for this visit Flashmovies

Now, on with the show! ENJOY!



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Ok, lets review..........

1st and foremost, good flash. Nothing of any real negativity to comment on BUT just a couple small suggestions:
1. For your next piece try and incorporate sound into your movie (with Vegeta, right?)
2.Fluidise the animation a little more, just to take away the occasional jump that occurred in the Goku movie.
3. For freehand animation it's real good but I must say the arms were (slightly) out of biggie, jus a little constructive critisism.

Oh, and if you feel pissed off that I had the gall to suggest you aint the worlds foremost flash animator, don't go commenting that I haven't submitted any pieces myself. I don't do the artistic creation thing, moreso the observation thing. Good luck with the next movie, hopefully I'll be able to throw down a perfect score next time round.

Barry-the-SuperScot responds:

Hey man, no problem! Your review is good. I wouldn't get pissed at a review that gives reasons why it didn't get a higher score. You give constructive critisism, that's good. I only get pissed off at the retarded reviews that just say I suck, but reviews like this are perfectly fine! :D

Did you mean sound as in voices? I've explained before my reason for not having them due to synching issues and tackyness (in my opinion, although it's brilliant if done correctly), as I am not the world's best flash animator. ;)

Be rest assured that the animation in my next movie will be much better and have better drawings too. :)

Thanks for the good review!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice! I liked it.

It was an exact recreation of the scene of the movie. You did good. The only problem was the body shot of Goku, he looked a little too big, and out of proportion.

Barry-the-SuperScot responds:

At least that shows I can improve! ^_^
And Vegeta SSJ proves this... Watch out for it! ;)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Amazing Tribute

A remake of the scene from the show done beautifully. The animation is amazing. Definately one of the best tributes I've seen yet.

Barry-the-SuperScot responds:

Well, thankyou very much! ^_^ I try my best.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Nice graphics they really look like the graphics from the show really nice tribute you are a great artist as well nice detail you have put into this. I hope to see more from you since it is very nice. Good luck on your future movies.

Barry-the-SuperScot responds:

Thanks! I have Vegeta SSJ in the works right now and the detail is 10X better!
You will be amazed when you see! ;)


Rated 5 / 5 stars


well that realy brings back memories....very cool

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Barry-the-SuperScot responds:

I like to bring back great memories to people! ;)